Christmas Isn’t Here Yet, But..

November 3rd, 2009

I know, I know it’s 50-odd days until Christmas but actually it seems like people are starting to buy for Christmas much earlier than last year. We had some sales of Christmas tree decorations as early as August this year. Are you one of the many who started early?

Within the last 2 weeks though there has been a definite shift in the type of items our customers are buying with an ever greater emphasis on Christmas decorations and gifts.

I don’t know if there is a new trend towards  traditional christmas decorations but these have been some of the most popular. I remember I wrote a post at Christmas 2008 that listed the top 3 most popular items we sold in December. They were:

1. Decoupage Christmas Tree Decorations.
2. Dolls House Rose Bathroom Set.
3. Glass Clear Candle Holder. (These have since sold out but you’ll find our glass candle sticks here , glass candle holders here and Christmas candles here)

This year (2009) I’m going to guess

1. Russian doll style santa (5 pieces) This one has started to run away with it
2. Set of 20 traditional christmas wooden tree Extra large tree decorations
3. Decoupage Christmas Tree Decoration Set of 6 6.5cm Decorations

Well there’s my prediction. Have a look at our christmas decorations and see if you think differently.

I wish you all the best with your Christmas preparations.


What Is Anxiety Disorder?

June 17th, 2009

Think you suffer from anxiety? I’ve gone through it myself. Here’s an article you may be interested in. It’s called What Is Anxiety Disorder?

You can also find my article on squidoo here:

It’s Time For Wind Chimes!

June 9th, 2009

Hello alternative gift seekers!

It’s almost the summer season but we’ve still been beavering away. Hence our relative quiet recently. We’ve added over 500 products. Phew! And we still have a lot more to go but for now why not have a look below as I’m sure you’ll find something useful for the summer..

We have:

It’s wind chime time! You may not have known we sold wind chimes. They were quite hidden and spread out on our website before. But now they are all in one place - wind chimes. There are over 120 different chimes from small to large. Featuring owls, parrots, fish, cockerels, dolphins, dragonflie, butterflies. Even wind chimes made in stained glass and copper… I’m worn out!

Most of the Candle lanterns and candle pots we have are ideal for outdoor use when for those long summer evenings when you’re outside at the garden table drinking with friends.

A modest selection of Handmade Glass Vases and Dishes have been added, which feature some fantastic centre pieces and small vases. To complement these there are a few Handmade Glass Bowls.

If you feel like a splash when it gets hot you may want some company from our Porcelain Bathroom Decorations. In there we have fish, dolphins.. even a lobster! Oh and I mustn’t forget our Home and Garden ornaments. In there are some really cute garden ornaments and a really useful set of watering spikes to keep your plants hydrated.

Oh and something for all year round Biscuit barrels and jars !

That’s it for now. But check back soon for a new website feature.


Quicker Checkout At RealAlternativeSite

March 24th, 2009

Hello all,

If you’ve shopped before with us here at RealAlternativeSite you may have thought the checkout process was long and laborious. Well we thought so too and so we’ve changed it quite considerably. It is now only a few clicks between adding your items to the cart and completing your order. I’ve made a short video showing the slick new way to pay, click on the image below to start watching.

The Story of The Frog & Lily Paperweight

March 17th, 2009

Our Limited Edition Frog and Lily Paperweight

A frog outgrew his lily pad and decided to make some home improvements. He didn’t have the money, so he hopped to the bank for a loan. At the bank, he took a seat at loan officer Patricia Black’s desk and explained his dilemma. “I want to upgrade my lily pad, maybe add another window, but I don’t have the cash. Can you lend me the money?”

“Maybe,” she said. “What can you offer as collateral?” “Well,” said the frog. “All I have is this paperweight. You shake it up, and it snows on the little village. Cute, huh?” “Hmm . . . I’ll have to speak to my manager.” She enters her manager’s office.

“Mr. Bitterby, I’ve got a frog at my desk who wants to borrow money for lily pad improvements. But all he can offer for collateral is this glass paperweight.” Mr. Bitterby took the paperweight, looked it over, and said, “It’s a knick-knack, Patty Black, give the frog a loan.”

—> Frog and Lily Paperweights

Dolls House; Crossing The Generation Gap

February 18th, 2009

The Dolls House has become a great way of bringing Grandparents and Grandchildren together through play and helping to cross the generation gap bringing joy, and communication between the family members. It brings face to face interaction and helps stimulate stories of earlier lives.

As most of the dolls house furnishings are set in the

Doll House Item
Doll House Item

Victorian Period and early 20th century, the grandmother or grandfather can communicate how they were young children used to visit their grandmothers and relations, and can tell of the furniture and household appliances forgotten in this present day. The costumes of the figures can add to the stories, the play and interaction.

For the Grandchild it is a time to look forward to, and for the Grandparent there is the care and preparation and the expectation of the visit.

The Dolls House also gives a great opportunity for the giving of presents to the Grandparents, often the accessories are inexpensive, so can be given by the grandchildren. The building of a Dolls House can also be built together with the Grandparent and the Grandchild, with the excitement of choosing the period, the furnishings, the plants and even the dogs and cats. It is a great tool for bonding through play.

For the grandparent the Dolls House is a constant reminder of the forthcoming next visit, as well as all the previous visits. Where there are many grandchildren the Dolls House, Dolls Houses or Shops can be a centre of pleasure.

Many Dolls House items are given at Christmas, birthdays and often at Mother’s Day.

The Grandfather is often called upon in the initial construction of the house, and all members of the family can make or search out items for The Dolls House.

The has been a major designer over the last 25 years, and offers a 10% discount to it’s members when purchased through their website. They are starting a section on their Forum for members themselves to interact among themselves on a world wide basis, and hopes to work with members with ideas for improving items and introducing new items. will be able to give information of the materials used and the production of the handicrafts, by highly skilled artisans.

13 Valentines Gifts To Impress Your Loved One

January 26th, 2009


Are you getting in the mood for romancing yet? If you’re not maybe your girlfriend / wife is starting to drop hints now. Well if you want to surprise her with something rather special I’ve put together a quick slideshow of Valentine’s presents. It’s only 30 seconds long - if you get inspired go to our Valentines Gifts section where there are over 60 heart shaped gifts, starting at 39p!

See you there,


Valentines Day Presents - Heart Shaped Gifts Galore!

January 22nd, 2009


It wasn’t long ago that we were celebrating Christmas and New Year but Valentine’s Day is upon us again. That time when we can lavish gifts and love upon our loved ones - girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands. Lovers.

Are you going all out this Valentine’s Day or will you be having something more low-key? It’d be fantastic to hear about your plans.

If you’re feeling stuck as to what to buy or would like some inspiration visit our Valentines Day Presents and Hearts page. There are a lot of heart shaped products - the majority of which are handmade which makes them individual. Individual = a special gift!

Looking forward to your comments.


Christmas at Real Alternative Site

December 23rd, 2008

Hi there,

It’s been a while since the last post. Sorry about that! It has been getting more and more busy since October and December has been absolutely manic. It has been a task just keeping up with incoming order and queries. It’s only now that we can take a short intake of breath.

Have you had any problems with lost mail during the Christmas period? Has that Christmas card you were expecting not arrived? The Christmas gift you ordered not turned up? I’d be interested to know, just leave a comment below.

I thought you might be interested in our top 3 best selling items in December. So here they are:

1. Decoupage Christmas Tree Decorations.
2. Dolls House Rose Bathroom Set.
3. Glass Clear Candle Holder.

You can click the links to see what they are if you’d like!

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and thanks to anyone who has bought from us this year. We hope to continue to improve and add more items next year.


Real Alternative Site

Halloween soon!

October 17th, 2008

It is Halloween again soon, the time of trick o treat, witches, and dressing up. The have their range of witches and halloween decorations for sale. This post is about how the designs and materials came about. There is the ‘Natural Range’, made in the tradition of ‘the Festival of Samhain, from dried husks from the corn and the dried straw from the wheat, in the true tradition of ‘the end of season in Gaelic Culture’, as it is the ‘Celebration of the Celtic New Year’…’The Dark Half of the Year’…’The October/ November Lunation’. There are more detailed articles about this on the website here.

Then there is the ‘Porcelain Range’ of witches based on the Black Cloaks of the witches, often known as ‘The Cunning Folk’. who were wise men and women, conjurers and wizards, an integral part of our ‘Celtic History’ from ancient time right up to the 20th century, treating and curing sickness, affairs of the heart and removing curses, using herbs, love magic, and astrology. There are small witches in their cloaks with one holding her crystal ball.

Whatever you do at Halloween, enjoy it.

Peter @ RAS