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Hilter (John Cleese), Himmler (Michael Palin) and Von Ribbentrop (Graham Chapman) are hiding out in Minehead living as Hilter, Bimmler and Ron Vibbentrop. They have elaborate cover stories for where they were born and what they did in the war, which they impart in badly spoken English, but they are still wearing their complete Nazi uniforms. The cover stories go on and on until Michael Palin, as Heinrich Bimmler, makes a slight mistake at the end of his story about being a lad from Peterborough, by saying that he was also head of the Gestapo for nine years. The others react because he has made this mistake, so he corrects it to head of the Gestapo for five years. They react again and then he corrects again to say he was never head of the Gestapo: “I make joke.” 

This sketch was origianlly featured in Series 1, Episode 12, first broadcast on 4 Janunary 1970.

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