A Message from Nue


From Japanese legend, sometimes called the Japanese Chimera, a hybrid of several animals, the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki (racoon dog), the legs of a tiger and the tail of a snake and also has the ability to change itself into a black cloud.


Do you feel you are living under a black cloud at the moment?

How is this cloud making you feel?

You can disperse it you know. You can get rid of that black cloud because the truth is, it’s not real.

The cloud you feel you are under is just a figment of your imagination; it doesn’t have to be there at all.

So, what is causing you to feel like you are living under a black cloud?

Be honest, be totally honest.

Is it something you feel you have done wrong?

OK, look at it. What did you do?

Did you act with the best of intentions?

Were you trying to help?

Because if you did act with the best of intentions, if you were trying to help somebody else and you worked with the knowledge you had at that point in time, you’ve done nothing wrong.

If that person didn’t like what you did, then OK, talk about it.

If you did something knowing that the person wasn’t going to like it, knowing it wasn’t with the best of intentions, then it is time to forgive yourself and hopefully you have learnt from this and you won’t do it again or anything similar.

Stop being tough on yourself.

So if it is somebody not liking what you did, talk to them, it’s their issue, not necessarily yours. Clear the air and if they don’t wish to clear the air, let it go. You have still got to forgive yourself but you didn’t do anything wrong.

If you genuinely feel “I didn’t do that with the best of intentions”, then please apologise to them, forgive yourself and get on with life.

Clear the black cloud.

If it is something that somebody has done to you, that is making you feel this way, then talk to them, try and clear the air; try and understand why they did what they did and if you can’t come to any understanding, agreement, whatever, then let it go.

What’s it trying to tell you?

It’s not trying to tell you you’re bad, you’re nasty, you’re wrong whatever. Is there something in your own life you need to look at?

You are a very special being and there is absolutely no need for you to live under a black cloud, non-whatsoever. It will not take much to shift it completely and let the sun shine back through again.

So whatever it is, deal with it, forgive yourself, forgive others involved, let it all go and get on with your life.

Stop letting this cloud steel your today.

You are loved, you are appreciated, you’re special, you’re unique.

Always act from your heart and we are not going to say you can’t go wrong because other people may not appreciate it but that’s their stuff not yours, when you act with the best of intentions and from your heart.

Now work from your heart to clear the black cloud, to let the light back into your life.

You are very special, you deserve to live in the light

Blessings Sweet Soul


Copyright © Sara Jane 2017

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