For the sake of simplicity let's examine the most basic of natural laws, one that applies to all things, both locally on our 'home planet ' and almost certainly applies to all parts of our universe as well. I am referring to the Law of Duality. All of creation manifests through the duality of life, and the interaction of these two polarities is responsible for the interaction that occurs between all of creation and its environment. There is a pulling and pushing of the polarities as they strive towards a balance of power. If a balance is struck, then there is a state of equilibrium. 

A polarity also exist within each created things or being, and humanity is deliberately learning to work with these same forces. We are at the point in our evolution where we have freedom of will to learn how to manipulate and wield these energies. Through cause and effect, action and reaction, we are testing powers that are relatively new to us and trying to bring about effects that are harmonious to both us and those we care about the most. When we bring the many opposing forces within our being into balance, we will have learned how to keep our small planet spinning smoothly as a small universe should. 

However, the most amazing thing about opposite is that they are really the same thing, just two sides of the same coin. For instance, take hot and cold. I am speaking of only one thing here, namely, temperature manifesting in different degrees. There is a sliding scale of degrees of temperature, with 'hot' at one end and 'cold' at the other. Somewhere in the centre we find lukewarm, and from there, whether we move little in the other direction towards hot, we are still referring to the same thing. There is no line of demarcation where what we are measuring turns into something else. And no matter at what point on this sliding scale we look, we find the polarity sliding along with it. Temperature that is negative polarity in one instance could be a positive one further down the scale in relation to something a little cooler than itself, This example also applies to all pairs of opposites. For instance, what is the difference between large and small? is it not relative to what is next to it on a sliding scale of size, that we are speaking of ? What is the difference between hard and soft, black and white, sharp and dull, noise and quiet,high and low, positive and negative? Of course these are only degrees of separation between extremes on scale of sorts.

If we could balance a pair of opposite or bring the correct amount of counterbalance to bear in any given situation, we would become masters of that particular energy. We would also develop an awareness of each of the polarities or opposite involved, and which polarity is needed, and to what degree in a particular situation. Each situation would have to be weighed and judged on its own merits, for no two situation are alike. That would require evaluation, dexterity and readjustment.

So how do we learn this ? By action and reaction, cause and effect, and practice. practice, practice. In other words, by really living life to the full and paying attention to all its details. what about love and hate? Where can we find a balance here ? This again we find a closet examination of opposites, leading to a more thorough understanding and balanced view of these opposite poles. Wishy-washy sentimentality reflects weakness and lack the backbone that true love possess. How can we possibly give good, strong, true love unless we have the capacity within ourselves for justice, firmness and courage? 

On the other hand, these three qualities, so necessary in a loving relationship, when carried to an extreme, could manifest in cruelty , which is an aspect of hate. A balance view of these qualities and a knowledge of how they are a part of love is necessary to bring about harmony in love. Beside, when we cling hard to love, we automatically bring in an element of enslavement, and then it becomes somethings else. Listen to the words of Kahil Gibran of love , from his book The Prophet : Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. And stand together, yet not too near together, for the pillars of the temple must stand apart.

What about good and evil? on the sliding scale of opposite we have black and white at either end , with various shade of grey in between . What was 'good' for us at one point in life may have been 'bad' some other time, and vice versa. All is relative to where we are on the sliding scale. Judgment and conscience must be our guides, for the rules vary depending upon the circumstance .What can be 'good' at the right time and place can be 'evil' at the wrong time and place. For instance, silence can be commendable when we refuse to gossip , but evil if we do not speak up to save someone from false accusations when we known the truth. Receptivity and resistance to influence are opposites, but we need both, and also the awareness of what we are 'digesting' mentally when we are open. yet we do not want ti be so resistant or close minded that nothing can penetrate for us to weigh and judge. Each set of circumstance we encounter requires new adjustments. So what is the quickest way to find a point of balance ? Simply, the balance point of most things lie at their centre. So, we become balanced to the same degree as we become centred, and we find our centre by interacting with our surrounding and achieving harmony with it.

Life is like a school which provides the necessary curriculum for us to lean by. But if we become hypnotised by our immediate environment and identify too closed with it, we get carried away from our centre. We are then automatically left with a sense of instability and vulnerability. We cannot stop the motion of life, nor would we want to,but we can learn how to stop reacting to every push and pull of life, and consequently adding our own emotional and mental power to it. When we react automatically, we are not being master of anything, and we experience the feedback of pain and feelings of helplessness. This type of reaction usually guide us back to our centre. And there is always another experience around the corner.


Rev Dr Summers Nwokie 

Theosophist , Priest ,Scholar and Author.