There are sixteen signs by which mystical student and practitioners may be recognized. Those who have only a few of these signs are not student of a very high degree because true mystics have all of them.

1. Mystics are Patient.

The first and most important victory of Mystical student is the conquest of self. It is a victory over the "lion who has wounded bitterly a few of the best mystical student. The Lion cannot be overcome by a wild and thoughtless attack, but must be overcome by patient and strength. True mystic try to overcome enemies through kindness. They heap no curses but the fiery coals of love upon the head of others. They do not pursue their enemies with a sword or with rods, but let the flower grow with the corn, until both are ripe and are separated by Nature.

2. Mystics are Kind.

Mystics never appear dismal or melancholy or with a surly or sarcastic face. They treat everyone kindly and courteously and are always ready to help others. Although they are different from the majority of the other humans, they try to adapt themselves to the habit, forms, and needs of others as far as their dignity permits. They are,therefore, sociable and pleasant, and know how to converse with rich or pool alike. They carry themselves in a manner so as to win esteem among all classes of society.

3.Mystics Know No Envy.

True mystics are always satisfied with their lot and know that it is as they deserve. The advantages and riches which others enjoy trouble them not, because they always wish for the best. They know that they shall receive everything which they deserve, and it bothers them not if other humans have more than they. They do not expect any favors, but spend their benevolence and good will without any partiality. 

4.Mystics Brag Not.

They know that the human is nothing but a tool in God's hand and that they cannot accomplish anything useful through their own will.To God they give all honor, They have no unbridled haste to accomplish a thing, but they wait until the Master who resides in them gives the order. They consider well the things they speak about and omit unholy words.

5.Mystics are not Idle.

By this they prove that there is something true in them that they are not as a bag blown up up with wind. Applause and censure leave them untouched and little do they feel sad if they are being contradicted and scorned.They live in their inner self and rejoice in the Beauty of their inner world, but they do not long to show their possessions or to brag about any spiritual gifts which they might have acquired. The greater their gifts, the greater their modesty, and the greater is their desire to obey the Masters Within. 

6. Mystics are not excessive.

They try at all times to fulfil their duty and to act according to the orders of the law.They are not swept away by external things  nor by ceremonies. The law is written in their hearts; consequently they master all thoughts and acts. Their dignity lies not in their outer appearance, but in their real self, which in comparison is like a root out of which spring all action. The inner Beauty of their inner self reflects upon their outer self and stamps all their deeds with its seal. The light of their inner self can be detected in their eyes by one who is experienced; it is the mirror of the "God Vision ' within.

7.Mystics are not ambitious.

Nothing retards the development and extension of the soul more than a narrow vision and selfish character. True Mystics always concern themselves more about the well-being of others than of their own. They have no secret or obstinate interest concerning protection or doing good. They seek to do good at all time and never miss an opportunity when it presents itself toward that cause.

8.Mystics are not excitable.

Mystics very often receive resistance from narrow-minded and short-sighted people;by slanderers they are sometimes insulted. Their motives are distorted. The ignorant judge them falsely. All such occurrences cannot excite the mind of true mystics, and as little can such disturb the Godly Harmony of their Soul because their Faith rests in the recognition and the Wisdom of Truth in them. The opposition of thousands of unknowing people will not deter them from actions of goodness and nobleness even if such action should result in the loss of their own fortune and life. Accustomed and capable to put their vision upon the Godly, they hang on to eternal Truth. Surrounded by sickly influences whose voices they hear, they are not  disturbed or influenced by the noise and alarm. They live in the company of noble beings who at one time were also human, but were transfigured and are out of the reach low and common minds.

9. Mystics do not think evil of others, 

Those who always think evil of others see only their apparent evil reflected in others. Mystics are always ready to accept all that which is recognized to be good. Suffering is the virtue through which mystics are exceptionally distinguished and recognized. If a matter appear ambiguous, they will withhold their judgement of it until they have examined its nature; but until their judgment is cut off, they are inclined to have a favorable opinion rather than unfavorable. 

10.Mystic love Righteousness. 

They never seek to judge the mistakes of others or appear wise by the  censure of others' infirmities. They love not follies and gossip of humans and pay them no more attention than they would to the buzz of a fly or the leaps of a monkey. They find no pleasure in reproaching.The seek not the cunningness of the fox nor the hypocrisy of the crocodile nor the robber-like greed of the wolf; they are not happy by the stirring up of dirt. Their nobility of character lifts them to a sphere high above such vanities and absurdities. The love the company of those who love the truth and are surround by the Peace and Harmony of the spirit.

11. Mystics love the Truth.

Nothing is worse than falsity and slander. Ignorance is something of no existence but falsity is the substance of evil. Slanderers rejoice when they found something on which they can build lies so that such may grow to mountainous proportion. The opposite of this is the Truth. She is a beam of light out of the eternal  Well of Good. Therefore Mystics never seek any other light except the Light of Truth. This Light they enjoy in the company of all the good who have found fulfilment through their Godly Majesty, whether they live upon this earth or in a spirituals state.

12.Mystics know to be silent.

Those who are false love not the Truth. Whoever is foolish loves not Wisdom. Mystics prefer the company of those who know the value of Truth in preference to others who trample it underneath their feet.Mystics keep their wisdom locked in their heart, for in Silence lies power. Their Silence ends only when the king bids  them to speak; for then it is not they who speak but Truth speaks through them.

13. Mystics believe that which they know .

They believe in the immortality of the eternal law and that every cause has its effect. They know that the Truth cannot lie and that the promise made by the king will be fulfilled if they will not interfere. Therefore, they are unapproachable by fear of doubt and set absolute Faith upon the Godly Principle of Truth, which has come to life and realization in their heart.

14. Mystics are strong of Faith.

Spiritual Faith is the knowledge of the heart and wholly different from the intellectual speculation of the brain. Their Faith rests on the rock of immediate perception and cannot be shattered. They know that in everything, no matter of what evil appearance , there is within a good seed and the hope that in the course of development this seed will grow and will be changed into Good. 

15. Mystics cannot be subdued by grief.

They know that no Light is without a shadow, no evil without something good, and that strength grows through resistance only. After they have once recognized the presence of Godly Principle in all things, external changes have no great importance and deserve no great consideration. Their aim is to hold fast to their spiritual possession and not lose the crown which they won in the struggle of life. 

16. Mystics always remain member of a mystical order.

Names play no great role; the principle which projects over mystics is the Truth. And  they who know the Truth and make practical in their lives are members of the Order over whom rules the Truth. If all names were exchanged and all languages altered, the Truth would remain the same.


Rev Dr Summers Nwokie

Theosophist , Priest ,Scholar and Author.