From a distance my eyes followed

The wild swans

Flying up into the air all at once

Except for one

One wounded swan

Who did not migrate with the others

Struggling in vain at a shadowy spot

He waited and waited

Perhaps, he waited for someone

For someone he knew would come  

You shall spread wings again, said I

Try as you might

Live free

With no reason to fear

Free as can be

The reticent aquatic bird flipped his feathers in surprise

Fly with me and I will be your wings, I went on

Leave the troubled waters behind

For a new life awaits

Close your eyes and all you will see

Is a lifetime of passion


Who you will be

Open your eyes to a joyous invitation

Make our own melody

Cross the bridge, climb over the mountains

Take a journey into the unknown

The unknown that will let us be free


Be who we want to be

This must be our adventure

Let them ponder and gasp

Swans in love

They'll never see us apart

Blending earthly existence into one harmonious entity

How lovely a way to sail through life together!

Eager to experience this newfound freedom

We were singing in elevated chirps

The stars glowed and danced around us in celebration

Because you surpassed

The greatest obstacle


I noticed tears

In his eyes

My beautiful swan, I whispered softly

Be happy

Never shedding a tear

Then the charming water bird smiled so light

That made me laugh along

A lake that went deep into thoughts and emotions….

There were some feelings that no one could feel them but you

Let me feel what you feel

As you and I have just begun

~By Kris Chang

All-Star Creative Writer (LION Open Networker)