Teaching Peace to Children with Story and Yoga

A dove sat on a branch and watched a snowstorm. Later, a sparrow alighted next to the dove. The dove asked the sparrow, “Dear friend, tell me, what is the weight of a snowflake?”

The sparrow ruffled its feathers a bit and said, “Why, it’s nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.” The dove sat for a while contemplating this answer.

“Well, that is interesting,” he said finally. “For I saw the most amazing thing. I was watch- ing the snow fall, each tiny snowflake, one after another, as it gathered on a branch. More and more of these singular snowflakes gathered, until there was a great mound of snow on the branch. Still more snowflakes gathered, and then I saw the branch break. And you say that snowflakes weigh nothing.”

The sparrow sat watching the snowfall without saying anything.

“I wonder,” the dove said, “if that just like the snowflakes, all we need is one more voice, and we can finally have world peace.”