What is the number one failure disease?  Excusitus! 

What does every single person due to justify not following their dreams and desires?  And what do people do to justify quitting at endeavors that could help them achieve their dreams?  They make up a thousand excuses why they couldn’t succeed and they blame everyone else but themselves for their “failures”!  

There is nothing and no one, in all the universe, strong enough or powerful enough, to stop you from creating anything you want!  The only thing that can stop you is you!

An excuse is just a well-planned lie that you tell yourself and other people why you’re somehow a victim to something and were therefore stopped from achieving your dreams.

Excuses are a wonderful way to justify lack of action, and doing things that you hate, so that you can stay “safe”, held in the bosom of the status quo. 

People put their dreams aside, and try to suppress them because it is painful when you are not moving towards them. 

People use excuses in their lives because most people have been trained to think negatively and to fight against what they don’t want, rather than to create a positive mindset to create what they do want.

Most people believe that to get what they want, they must rid from their life, and rid from the entire world, everything that they don’t like and do not want.  And they believe that they need to control all the external circumstances of their life, including people, in-order-to finally be happy. 

But that is an impossible task!  It is much more efficient to create a happy internal life, through a positive mind-set, that will in turn, through the law of attraction, create for yourself, a pleasing external reality, that vibrationally matches your internal reality of joy, appreciation and abundance.

People also use excuses because they are taught to be skeptical, and suspicious, and guarded, and fearful, and to protect themselves from forces outside of themselves, that are seemingly more powerful than them and “trying to take advantage them”. 

But there is no such thing as a skeptical rich person!  There is no such thing as a fearful, doubtful, guarded, suspicious… successful person!  These thought-forms are contrary to abundance!

Everyone has dreams and desires, and everyone wishes those dreams would come true, but most people put the cart before the horse.  They want their dreams to come true so that they will feel better, but the universe and the law of attraction doesn’t work that way!  In-order-to get what you want, you must feel goodfirst, then your dreams will come true.  You must feel the feelings of having the dream now, for it to manifest into physical reality.

The obvious cure for this “number one failure disease”, is to stop making excuses for your lack of action, for not committing and not persisting, etc.  Stop making excuses for not pursuing your dreams!  Stop blaming outside influences for your own lack of commitment.  And especially stop making excuses for not aligning vibrationally with your dreams and desires to manifest them into physical reality!  

And take full and complete responsibility for the creation of your reality by using your infallible, self-guidance system.  And think, say and do, what feels good, rather than the opposite.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You can be, do and have whatever you want in your life,
if you stop making excuses for why you can’t have them!

To learn how to be a powerful, conscious creator of reality...

to create the amazing life that you desire
and make your dreams come true! 

Excusitus - The number one “failure” disease! By ZaKaiRan