You are a Beautiful Being

A Being of Love at your core

A Being of Purity

You have chosen to take physical form, to be on this beautiful planet at this time.

Some of the experiences you are having you have chosen in advance for this life time and yes you have had many life times; either here on this planet – Yes maybe on others too

Your Soul is pure Love and the only way Love can experience, is to have these life times and all your friends in the Mythical Realm, all of us, we are all friends, are here to support you with your physical experience and experiences.

And we have so much respect for you for having these experiences.

You are an amazing Being, be true to your Heart, be true to your choices and we ask you to believe in yourself. To trust in yourself, to say Yes to your Heart choices.

Please stop worrying about what others think of you and your choices.

You have no doubt seen many sayings, one of which is “it is none of your business what others think of you” and that is so right, it really is, because when you take on board what others think of you are giving away your power and your power sits within your choices, not following what you think other people want of you.

Have the strength, you have it within you, have the strength of Love and Caring, be true to yourself, to the amazing Being that you are.

And when you are true to you and let go of what other people may be thinking, what other people say, you are honouring not just yourself, you are honouring them as well.

What is right for you, is right for those around you.

When you make a decision and they can be hard to make, we get that, when you make a decision and you let others know what that decision is, there may be those that will try and make you feel guilty for it, they will try and put pressure on you to change it, stand firm.

However, there may be those that can make some form of a compromise, not a compromise that means you say Yes when you mean No and means you say No when you mean Yes but a compromise that can work for the benefit of All.

So be open to the compromises, just providing it doesn’t mean you have to change your mind, your actions and there are those scenarios where a compromise can be made without you are the other person going against what is their Yes.

So, if you have said No and somebody doesn’t like your No, if they or a potential other party suggests a compromise that works for everybody and still allows you to stay within your Yes to yourself and your No to others or vis versa, then consider it. Be open to it but you must be true to yourself.

Be true to your inner knowing, your inner understanding, your intuition, your gut instincts, to the Love in your Heart.

You must always be true to you and if you are struggling with that ask our support, we are here for you, to support you.

Trust and believe in yourself, as we trust and believe in you.

Believe you are an amazing Being that we have the utmost respect for.

It is OK to Love yourself, to be true to yourself

Truth be told, it is essential that you Love yourself and are true to yourself

We Love you; live your life in Love for yourself

Blessed Be