In all my long years I never thought there would be a day when a politician, the 'Prime Minister' at that would be breaking the law, this is a terrible situation, this puts our poor 90 year old Queen in an impossible position and our whole Legal System in our terrible position as well. It is important to remember that 'No one is above the law'. Can you imagine the poor policemen having to arrest our Prime Minister and lock him up in jail, and what does it say to the rest of the world about this situation. If Boris is trying to become a 'Martyr' it must not happen, what does it say to the rest of us about Breaking The Law,'it will be 'Anorchy' and could lead to Civil Strife-'Terrible Times'

Boris Johnson warned he could be jailed if he refuses to delay Brexit

Refusal to follow the law ‘would amount to contempt of court.’




Boris Johnson could go to prison if he ignores a bill requiring him to request a Brexit delay, according to a former director of public prosecutions.

Ken Macdonald told Sky News on Saturday that the prime minister could face serious consequences if he refuses to ask Brussels for a Brexit extension. A court, Macdonald said, would order that "the law should be followed."

"A refusal in the face of that would amount to contempt of court," which could "find that person in prison," he said.

Macdonald held the prosecutor post between 2003 and 2008.

A bill to delay Brexit by three months passed all its stages in parliament on Friday and is set to become law Monday.

It forces Johnson to request an extension to the Article 50 process if he has failed to clinch a Brexit deal by October 19 — the day after the next European Council summit.

The prime minister has vowed to take the U.K. out of the EU, come what may, by the current deadline of October 31, and said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than ask Brussels for a further Brexit extension.


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