Kundalini, “the coiled serpent”, or Lady K as I affectionately call her is much 
misunderstood, especially in the western world where she is barely known at all 
even among those teaching yoga and meditation, practices whose basal intention is 
to arise or Awaken Her. I found this out empirically and completely to my dismay. 
Whilst I had former knowledge of Her, had studied Her where I was intuitively drawn 
to read about Her, and had purposely intended to arise Her through various 
practices, I found myself at a complete loss for finding external assistance when 
She arose. I was one of the lucky ones here as I was fully aware what was 
happening to me. A combination of those practices, academic study, as well as 
“Remembering” how to fully surrender to her kept my mind and body safe through 
the process. However, a prevailing lack of knowledge and purposeful mis-teachings 
regarding this Extraordinarily Powerful, ineffable, innate physio-psycho-spiritual 
process combined to leave me not only without assistance and support but 
physically, mentally, emotionally, and “legally” attacked, arrested, robbed of my 
beloved son, physically and emotionally abused, and imprisoned and poisoned 
against my will in a hospital that allegedly had my safety and best interests at heart. 
The allopathic medical doctors known as psychiatrists whose “care” I found myself 
under, with the exception of one, certainly were neither capable of understanding 
nor comprehending any of my assertions and later pleas that I need not be 
medicated or jailed due to my Spiritual Emergence, of which I spoke clearly and with 
a compassionate, rational, and didactic tone. Clearly western “conventional” 
medicine and the majority of its‟ practitioners are doing far more harm than good 
whether they are just “doing their job” innocently...or not. My experience is far too 
common so I am inspired to address it in order to educate about it, create an 
evolutionary shift in our society‟s handling of it, and end the torture and abuse, for 
profit no less, of those arising Kundalini.

The western allopathic model of medicine approaches dis-ease, or rather the 
imbalance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies by “attacking” and 
suppressing the symptoms. This does not lead to the eradication of any of these 
imbalances although those that practice it are credited with the power of magicians and having performed miracles for “curing” the symptoms. While this only leads to further systemic dis-ease, imbalance, and life force~all the time, it is particularly dangerous with Kundalini as She is life-force itself. Imagine trying to force a wildstallion to do as you bid against their will and intention. One can not overpower Power itself with power. While it might work with a gelding, with a stallion it must be Inspired through Love, respect, trust, and admiration. The same is true for Lady K.

Those who abide in societies that are aware of Her are cared for, supported, 
nurtured, and kept safe during their Sacred Union process the same as a newborn 
child is meant to be in our world...for the birth of Lady K is the Re-Birth of the Divine 
Child Within into this external world. To make matters worse the conventional 
mental “health” system attempts to suppress Kundalini with toxic pharmaceuticals 
that are dangerous alone never mind to the immensely intensified sensitivities of 
someone amid this process. Simply put it is easy to kill someone with these 
psychotropics as their system‟s responses are heightened. With the increased 
practicing of yoga and meditation in the west and its‟ upsurge in the numbers of 
people experiencing Spiritual Emergency as a result of not being either aware of or 
prepared for it, it is of paramount importance to bring this information to light. In 
addition, there is organically a rise in the numbers of people experiencing Spiritual 
Emergence without any practice or intention to do so as well which adds to the 
gravity of the need for this wisdom to become common knowledge at this time.

Lady K is first and foremost a purification process and is the evolution of our nervous 
system, something not meant to be suppressed for so too many reasons to 
delineate, especially in these syntropic transformational times with much healing 
needed collectively on our planet, not to forget the importance for each individual. 
While She takes and guides us through Darkness into Light on a personal level, She also does the same for our planet, the cosmos, and the Multiverse/Omniverse. For humans to suffer the delusion that they have the capacity to suppress her, prevent her, or even alter her course is displaying severe ignorance and lack of Respect for Her which I have tremendously acquired empirically. It also is completely self-destructive and in denial of our spirituality. It is now time to bring Her and her Wondrous Powers of Healing, Enlightenment, Bliss, and Love so that we may all share in herGifts, known as Siddhis or “supernatural” powers/senses and Ananda, the Bliss of Being. Our human family must embrace Her Lovingly, Respectfully, and with Courage in order to be Transformed by Her Grace into Divine Humans, our Destiny.

For those working in any of the fields that I have mentioned I must impart that it was 
not my intention to insult or judge you but to bring into your awareness more truth 
with which to do your jobs in a higher manner in Service to your fellow man and 
woman. Much in our world, our beliefs, our systems, and ways of being, is no 
longer valid. Lucky for us Lady K, like how a newborn babe in a mother‟s arms at 
her breast for the very first time erases all prior memory of pain and struggle as if it 
never existed, is here to assist humanity to experience the Infinite Love we all are 
made of so we may Co-Create a new story for humanity, a New Earth, and then 
some...of which we had absolutely no idea was even possible...as I say in one of my 
affirmations given to me by Her, “Where we are All as ONE Simply Drunk on 
GodDess and Gratitude and everything else Mother-Father GodDess have in store 
for all their Children whom they so do Love to Surprise.”

© Lisa Vunk 2014 

Spiritual Rainbow Warrior GodDess of the Light