Some of the things you use on a daily basis may be increasing your risk of cancer. This is especially true for cleaning products. Most of them contain chemicals, which research has proven to be harmful to our health. Removing these things from your home will prevent different diseases, not just cancer.

Here’s a list of 9 cancer causers you should remove from your home.

1. Art supplies

Most art supplies contain carcinogens, and research shows that this substance can increase risk of cancer. Get rid of permanent markers, solvents, paints, rubber cement glues and so on.

2. Candles

Artificially scented paraffin candles produce soot and other substances which might be harmful to your health. The best option is beeswax candles with cotton wicks.

3. Air fresheners

A study conducted in 2008 found that air fresheners contain chemicals which are regulated as toxic. But manufacturers didn’t include these chemicals in the labels. Avoid using air fresheners in your house or car.

4. Shampoos

Even though no scientific research has linked shampoo to cancer, they contain too many toxic ingredients. To be on the safe side use homemade shampoos.

5. Bugs and lice pesticides

The pesticides used to kill bugs, fleas, and lice are toxic. You should specifically avoid lindane-based pesticides.

6. Antidepressants

Research has linked antidepressants to liver cancer. And other studies have linked them to different kinds of cancer. Use natural approaches like exercise, meditation and herbs to fight depression.

7. Plastic curtains

Plastic curtains release toxic chemicals into the environment. If you have plastic curtains replace them with fabric curtains.

8. Dry cleaning

You could be harming your health if you use use perchlorethylene – research has linked it to cancer. Buy clothes that don’t need perchlorethylene to clean or use citrus juice cleaners.

9. Paints and vanishes

Exposing yourself to vanishes and paint can make you sick.