Lisa Vunk is a Spiritual Awakening Facilitator, Conscious Evolution Coach, Healer, Social and Spiritual Activist/Change Agent, and Author of "Transcendance: Dawn" soon to be published with Balboa Press. She is grateful to have survived her path to be here in these amazing Transformational Times. 

Lisa utilizes a panoply of healing modalities including Shadow Work, Stories as Medicine, Breath as Medicine, and Vibrational Medicine in her practice that she tailors to each individual's needs. She loves assisting and educating her clients on how to "Awaken the Healer Within" and TranscenDance their challenges into forgiveness, empowerment, gratitude, and the gift that is hidden in the challenge. Lisa has a special place in her heart for those who are victims of emotional abuse and sexual trauma, especially in their formative years. 

Our greatest powers lie in self-love and our sexuality and it is of utmost importance to heal any wounds that subconsciously prevent us from full engagement in and the expression of these powers. We contribute to the healing of the world by healing ourselves. Lisa is dedicated to assisting others in healing and empowering themselves so we can collectively Consciously Co-Create a New Earth and evolve into Unity Consciousness from separation consciousness. She feels it is finally time to TranscenDance a lot of Heaven onto Mother Earth.