Benefits Of Noni Juice

Noni fruit is known for its wide array of health benefits. Since the fruit is bland and has an unpleasant smell, it is most often consumed as a fruit juice to obtain its various noni juice benefits, as given below.

1. Aids Weight Loss

One of the benefits of noni juice is that it causes weight loss. This is because it produces nitric oxide inside the body. This nitric oxide is used by the muscles to metabolize a lot of energy. This energy is pulled by nitric oxide from the different sources for muscles to use, the fat cells being one of those sources. This reduces triglycerides (energy) stored in fat cells, resulting in the reduction of weight of fat cells.

2. Lowers Cholesterol

Dyslipidemia is characterized by elevated levels of blood cholesterol resulting in an increase in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Research has proved that the water and ethanol based extracts of noni fruit reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

3. Beneficial For Diabetics

A research conducted by the “Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine” has proved that noni juice, when used with insulin treatments is more effective in controlling blood sugar than one of these components alone. This is because it contains compounds like triterpenes and saponins. These properties make it beneficial for diabetic patients.

4. Proper Digestion

Noni juice has a high fiber content which promotes proper digestion. It also has laxative properties which can prevent constipation. Since ages, this juice has been used indigenously by the natives to ease digestive problems such as stomach aches.

5. Prevents Stroke

Consumption of noni juice may protect you against the damage caused by stroke due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains nitric acid which helps make the veins more elastic and thus help in better circulation. A better blood circulation can alleviate the after-effects of stroke.

6. Relieves Pain

The analgesic and sedative components in noni juice make it effective in relieving various types of pains in the body such as menstrual cramps, arthritis, joint pains and other inflammatory conditions.

7. Anti-Cancer Properties

One of the most notable noni juice benefits is that it may actually help fight cancer. This is due to the fact that noni fruit contains a polysaccharides-rich substance which suppresses the growth of new cancer cells. Noni juice contains antioxidant components which boost the immune system and reduce oxidative stress in the body. The anti-tumor and immunomodulatory properties of this juice make it useful for treating some forms of cancer. Thus, noni juice can reduce the formation of cancer cells, promoting the body’s ability to ward off further infection.

8. Increases Energy Levels

This juice has proven to be beneficial in increasing the body’s energy levels, thus improving the ability to perform physical activities. Native Polynesians often consumed the noni fruit to avoid fatigue and increase energy levels. This is largely due to the fruit’s natural antioxidant properties, which strengthen the cells and ward off other ailments.

9. Prevents Cataracts

Cataract is a vision problem characterized by clouding of your eye lenses. This is largely due to high sugar levels, particularly in the case of diabetics, which causes the lens of their eye to swell. As per research, noni extract helps in keeping your eye lens clear, thus preventing diseases like cataracts.

10. Prevents Ulcers

Scientific research has shown that noni juice has the ability to prevent gastric lesions in the intestines. This is because noni extract decreases the amount of acid in the stomach and increases the mucous that protects the lining. Thus, it is quite beneficial in preventing ulcers.

11. Liver Protection

Diabetes has adverse effects on your liver, thus increasing the risk of fatty liver disease which causes scarring. Noni juice, besides controlling the blood sugar levels, reduces fatty degeneration in liver cells with smaller and less numerous fatty globules, thus protecting your liver and preventing liver damage.

12. Facilitates Wound Healing

High level of blood sugar is associated with poor healing of wounds. Noni juice has proven to be effective in reducing the wound area as well facilitates quick healing by controlling the blood glucose levels.

13. Prevents Degenerative Diseases

According to research, noni fruit has properties which can prevent the onset of certain degenerative diseases. Thus, drinking noni juice helps in decreasing the risk of developing serious illnesses like liver disorder and other diseases of major body organs.

14. Natural Antidote For High Blood Pressure

Studies suggest that using the phytonutrients-rich noni can help in normalizing the high blood pressure level in the body. Some elements present in noni, such as scopoletin, proxeronine, and tryptophan, work together to keep the blood pressure level under control.

15. Peps Up Your Memory

The presence of phytosterols in this fruit helps in preventing the blood vessels from absorbing cholesterol in high amounts. This, in turn, enables better circulation of blood along with adequate oxygenation. This keeps the brain healthier, paving the way for memory enhancement and concentrations. It also safeguards your brain from the risk of clogged arteries.

16. Beneficial For Arthritis

Ayurvedic practitioners advise the use of noni juice for effective relief from the pain and inflammation experienced due to various inflammatory conditions including arthritis. One can also use a poultice made with crushed leaves for topical application on the affected part for immediate results.

17. Helps In Dealing With Menstrual Issues

Being an emmenagogue by nature, noni can be used regularly to regulate the menstrual cycle. While noni’s analgesic properties help in alleviating the pain experienced during PMA, the sedating nature of noni keeps you calm to face raging hormones.

This is one of the key reasons why doctors advise against using noni while pregnant as it can induce bleeding and even miscarriage.

18. Natural Remedy For Anxiety, Stress, And Depression

Low levels of serotonin in the body can lead to mood swings, anxiety disorders, and depression. Melatonin is yet another hormone, which is quite essential to keep the balance of your circadian rhythm. Any change in its levels can leave you with a disturbed sleep, mood swings, and stress.

Studies suggest that the regular use of noni fruit or noni juice can be beneficial in easing stress, alleviating anxiety, and even offering relief from depression and sleep disorders.

19. Strengthens Vision And Prevents Visual Disorders

People suffering from diabetes have a higher risk of cataracts. Research conducted on noni juice suggests that it possesses the potential to curb the sugar levels in blood and keep them under control. This, in turn, its consumption keeps your lens lucid, shielding you from vision disorders, including cataract.

20. Antibacterial Properties

Noni, in its powdered form, had been used traditionally to cure various bacterial skin infections. Researchers used this cue and conducted a lab test on the effectiveness of noni extracts against various bacterial variants. And, the results showed a ray of hope. The research suggests that these extracts, in varied forms, have the potential to combat bacterial infections.

21. Cure For Oral Infections

Noni fruit, as well as other parts of the plant, is known to be a powerful antidote for various oral conditions, including gum inflammations, sore throat, toothache, and oral infections. Use a concoction made with noni juice and water. And use it as a mouth gargle to combat the infections. While the anti-inflammatory property eases the sore gum, the antibacterial nature eases the infections. You can include noni in your daily diet to avoid the onset of such oral conditions.

22. Help You Sleep Better

Are you not getting enough sleep at night? If not, use noni capsules! They contain scopoletin, which allows you to sleep better. This ultimately improves your performance at work and makes you feel less tired and exhausted throughout the day.

Skin Benefits of Noni Juice

The nutritional value of noni juice makes it beneficial for your skin. Even a small dose makes your skin feel younger and beautiful from inside. Its skin benefits are as follows.

23. Treatment Of Skin Problems

Noni fruit juice has a positive effect on your skin as it is a rich source of vitamin C. Daily dose of noni juice has proven to be beneficial in treating several skin problems like acne, pimples, rough and dry skin, and even dark spots on the skin.

24. Anti-Aging Benefits

The antioxidant vitamin C and other natural chemicals found in noni juice provide nourishment to the cells, tissues and organs, fights free radicals and reverse the adverse effects of aging and pollution. Noni juice also contains selenium which is an important antioxidant and trace element that preserves the skin elasticity, thus slowing the aging process.

25. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

The anti-inflammatory properties of noni juice make it beneficial for treating certain skin conditions. It inhibits histamine, thus treating hives, allergic skin reactions, and dermatographism by working at a cellular level. It can even be applied topically for treating certain skin conditions like acne, herpes, burns and sunburn.

26. Natural Cure For Acne And Pimples

Noni is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agent. Plus, it is packed with loads of powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin C. The antioxidants fight against the free radicals that trigger oxidative damage and induce acne and pimples. Once the free radicals are tamed, the acne and pimples heal. The inflammations and redness come down, while the antibacterial and antiviral properties of this juice ensure freedom from infections. Studies also suggest that the topical application of noni can even prevent the development of acne and pimple triggered scars on the skin.

Hair Benefits Of Noni Juice

Besides its various skin benefits, drinking noni juice also facilitates healthy hair growth and combats the problem of hair loss.

27. Combats Hair Loss

There can be several causes of hair loss such as age, heredity, poor nutrition and scalp problems. Hair loss can be reversed by obtaining the adequate amount of nutrients in your diet. Since noni juice possesses immune boosting abilities, it can benefit those suffering from hair loss. The vitamins and minerals present in it strengthen your immune system and improve circulation, thus promoting the health of your hair and scalp. Drinking noni juice facilitates healthy hair growth, particularly for those who experience premature hair loss. In fact, it is often recommended to many surviving cancer patients to revive their hair follicles after chemotherapy.

28. Natural Cure For Lice And Dandruff

Noni juice has been used since time immemorial as a topical treatment for various scalp conditions, such as lice and dandruff. Lice bites often trigger infections on the scalp. The antibacterial and antiviral nature of this juice combats the infections by forcing the lice to flee away.

A dry scalp is one of the primary causes of dandruff. Noni juice keeps the scalp conditioned by improving the blood circulation level to the scalp.


Noni has a long list of health benefits but as we all know, benefits are usually accompanied by side effects and noni is no exception. Excessive or prolonged consumption of noni or drug interactions may lead to several health complications.

How To Make Noni Juice

The traditional way of preparing noni fruit juice is to ferment the fruit in a large jar and allow it to decompose and then add water to separate the pulp from the water. The following steps can be followed to make the perfect noni juice.

  1. The first step is to sterilize a large jar. For this purpose, take a glass or food grade plastic jar and fill it with hot soapy water. Allow it to soak for 5 minutes and scrub the jar with a clean sponge. Since the noni fruit is 4 to 5 inches tall, the jar should be at least 6 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter.
  1. It is advisable to pick ripe noni fruit which is honey-yellow in color. Make sure to pick the fruit before it turns completely white.
  1. The fruit should be rinsed under running water to remove any dirt. Then allow the fruit to dry in the sun for several hours. When the flesh becomes soft and translucent, it will start to emit a foul odor. This is the stage when the fruit should be fermented.
  1. For fermentation, place the fruit into a jar and fix the lid firmly onto the container. This lid is necessary as allowing the air to flow openly into the container can cause contamination. Moreover, the jar should be big enough so that the gases that build up during fermentation process do not create dangerous pressure but are able to escape through the air space between the lid and the jar.
  1. Allow this noni fruit to ferment for 6 to 8 weeks by placing the jar in the sun. In this way, the juice will seep out of the fruit naturally. This juice will be light amber in color, which will darken in due time.
  1. The next step is to remove the pulp and the other debris mixed in the juice by straining the juice through a wire mesh strainer into a second sterilized jar.
  1. Though you can drink the unpasteurized juice, pasteurized juice lasts longer and is much safer. For this purpose, place the open jar of noni juice on a pot of boiling water, such that the water level covers the juice but does not reach the mouth of the jar. Once the temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit is reached, allow the juice to boil for 30 minutes.
  1. Check the pH of the juice with the help of litmus paper. A properly fermented juice should not have a pH of more than 3.5. A high pH value indicates contamination.
  1. This fermented noni juice can be stored at room temperature for an indefinite period but refrigerating it, ensures optimum freshness.
  1. To derive the maximum benefits, noni juice should be taken in small amounts before meals or on an empty stomach.

    Nutritional Value Of Noni Juice

    Although noni juice claims to have a lot of nutritional qualities, the commercially available variety has very different makeup. The actual noni fruit is unsuitable for consumption because of its bitter taste. Moreover, the fruit is highly sweetened and processed to create a desirable taste, which further decreases the nutritional value of the fruit juice. If you consider the noni juice in its purest form, it comprises of the following nutrients.

    Nutrition Facts

    Calories 3.5 Kcal  
    Protein nil  
    Total Carbohydrate 0.9 g <1%
    Sugars 0.9 g  
    Sodium 1 mg <1%
    Vitamin C 1.5 mg 2%
    Niacin 170 mcg <1%
    Folate .12 mcg <1%
    Calcium 2 mg <1%
    Magnesium 800 mcg <1%
    Iron 35 mcg <1%
    Potassium 10 mg <1%
    Zinc 300 mcg 2%
    PURE NONI FRUIT JUICE 15,000MG(15ML) ***

    Macronutrients: Noni fruit in the form of powder is an excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber with 100 grams serving to provide 55% and 100% of the dietary reference intakes (DRI). It is also a good source of protein, providing about 12% DRI of this nutrient. Noni pulp is low in total fats, providing just 4% of DRI. Noni juice has relatively lower amounts of macronutrients.

    Micronutrients: The main micronutrients of noni pulp powder are vitamin C occupying 10% DRI and substantial amounts of niacin (Vitamin B3), iron and potassium. It also contains vitamin A, calcium, and sodium in moderate amounts. Noni juice has comparatively lesser amounts of these micronutrients but a high level of vitamin C making up nearly 42% of DRI.

    Phytochemicals: Noni fruit juice does contain phytochemicals, but there are no established DRI values for the same. A particular phytochemical called xeronine present in noni fruit juice is known for its ability to relieve pain in the body. Noni juice is also packed with proxeronine, the precursor of xeronine. It is activated in the large intestine where it is absorbed by the cells of the body.

    Anthraquinones (Damnacanthol): These are important antiseptic and antibacterial plant chemicals found in noni juice which has proven to be effective in killing pre-cancer cells. They stimulate the immune response to cancer by activating the body’s T-cells, which are the body’s “cancer killers”.

    Scopoletin: This is a little known, but the important chemical component of noni juice with wonderful health benefits which are attributed to its anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It regulates serotonin which is the body’s feel good hormone to ward off feelings of anxiety and depression. It also binds to melatonin to regulate sleep, hunger and body temperature.

    Low Glycemic Index:Noni juice has a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to fiber which helps balance blood sugar levels.

    In a nutshell, noni juice may be the one thing that can help you live longer and make you look better. No other fruit juice can make that claim. Take a leap of faith with noni, and it just might help you live a better life.

    Hope you liked our post on benefits of noni juice. Have you ever tried noni juice? Are you a noni enthusiast? Leave us a comment and let us know!