How many times do you have to be told that you are special?

Yes You, you are special.

You are unique, you are precious and it is OK to think of yourself.

You absolutely have to think about yourself.

It is time to step outside your comfort zone; it is time to start thinking about yourself.

Ok, you are asking the question “How do I step outside my comfort zone?”.

It is so very simple, you step back into yourself.

Start thinking about you.

Start listening to your heart, to your intuition, your gut instinct.

Start feeling how different things feel to you.

Do you feel invisible at times?

Is that why you are stuck in the rut of trying to please others, of constantly doing to others and for others, and totally ignoring yourself?

You have to be No. 1 in your life and No, that is not selfish; because unless you take care of yourself, you can’t be there for others. And when you take care of yourself you are not only empowering yourself, you are actually supporting others to empower themselves.

So, stop relying on others or allowing others to rely on you.

And if you are feeling invisible, it is because you have not allowed yourself to become visible to yourself.

Go inside, step back into who you are; allow yourself to totally experience, this beautiful gift of life you have been given.

Experience the love that is within you for yourself, that you may share it with others.

Experience all the challenges, meet them head on, they aren’t as scary as you think they are, not when you truly face them in your own power, in the knowledge of the amazing being that you are.

You don’t just have a Guardian Dragon, you have Guardian Angels, you have many Guardian Animals, Guides and Guardians.

You are totally surrounded by Beings that love you unconditionally because of the amazing being that you are, and all of us, all of us so hope that you will become aware of that amazing being that you are.

Learn to trust and believe in yourself, as all of us trust and believe in you.

So, this message isn’t just from us Dragons, we are sharing it with you from all your Guides & Guardians. It is from us All, we Love you.

Please learn to Love yourself, to listen to your Heart, to trust your gut instincts and intuition.

We are with you always and we are guiding you at all times; it is up to you to allow that guidance through, our Love through.

Be true to you Precious One


Copyright © Sara Jane 2017