Cosmic Consciousness related to evolution and culture? In other words, is the manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness only a problem of the distant future and other generations, or can it appear now in contemporary society through the unfolding in us of certain dormant force and potential capabilities?

First of all, let us briefly describe what is meant by the phrase Cosmic Consciousness and then how it might be considered to relate to individual members of society in the past, present, and future.

First, the term Cosmic should represent to mystics a state of Being radiant in nature and pervading all space and,hence all things; having vitality, mind, constructive power, and supreme intelligence. This state of Being has been referred to by many different names such as, the Absolute, Ultimate Reality, and Divine Mind, as well as the Cosmic, and total consciousness of this Divine state is known as Consciousness of the Cosmic, or Cosmic Consciousness.

It has always been regarded perhaps as the ultimate goal of mysticism to be able to attune individually to this eternal state of Being, thereby realising our own source as well as the source of all life, of everything in existence. It is through attunement with the Cosmic that the mystic receives illumination, and frankly, the mystic path is nothing more than a direct path leading to this state of being.

The state of conscious attunement with the Godhead that is attained varies for all living things. There appears to be a hierarchical order in this awareness. The great mystics of the past, which include truly inspired religious personalities as well as ancient and modern philosopher, have perpetuated for us the existence of these states of awareness. Because of their efforts, we must always be grateful. Surely this mystical heritage would not be intact today if it were not for the cultural advancements and refinements of society in general. However, it is of the utmost importance to understand that is every generation there are those present who have had degree of illumination, who have attuned to the Cosmic and have received varying degrees of understanding about its existence. These people do not receive recognition, nor do they usually shut themselves off from worldly contact. They are, however, readily recognised by fellow human beings as being exceptionally inspired; but they also practice the true humility that always seems to accompany attunement with the Cosmic.

As was state earlier, it is a tenet, if not a doctrine of mysticism that we an achieve a direct and immediate awareness of the Cosmic or Divine Truth , and this is accomplished through the faculty of intuition which does not directly use reason or any of the ordinary sense. Some of the traditional mystical channels of approach or methods of attunement through which this greater reality may be apprehended are meditation and initiation.

Due to the nature of the question, i have attempted to avoid the use of the term "God" in relation to Cosmic Consciousness. However,at this time , for further understanding and clarity of though, I think it is necessary to do so. For most of my readers, the term will be satisfactory. However, i use it here in the most abstract sense. Many readers will find greater understanding through this age-old term than with Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Mind, Ultimate Reality, and so forth. The fact of God is fundamental to most Mystics. In one of our old mystic Manual it states : " To mystics there is but one God, ever-living, ever present. without limiting attributes or definite form of manifestation. It is the God of our heart. Mystical orders is composed of individuals of many creeds and many religious faiths from all parts of the world, but there is absolute unity in this one idea of God, the Supreme Intelligence, the Divine Mind." We often say in our rituals and meditation. "God of our Hearts, God of our Realisation ," meaning whatever degree of Cosmic or Absolute we personally can comprehend.

Ultimately, our relationship with God is not one of political, social or cultural achievement. True, we are indebted to our past;but everyone, everywhere has the opportunity of gaining a better understanding of the nature of life and of creation itself. Life is an expression of the fundamental force or energy which started the whole universe and maintains it. it is a part of what we call God, the Universal Intelligence, or the Absolute. Through it we are always linked to that higher force and everything else in existence.

Cosmic Consciousness is not a condition of yesterday or tomorrow, but a condition of any moment. To make this condition manifest, we must remove the barriers which prevent us from receiving the correct answer to our questions. The removal of these barriers is the part of existence that must be earned by each individual. Contemporary people certainly have all the necessary intuitive potentialities. These can manifest as capabilities only if we have the inclination to make them so.


Rev Dr Summers Nwokie

Theosophist , Priest ,Scholar and Author.