The trees insist that all of their leaves drop away

The withered leaves fall from a tree today

All its host shall fall, as a leaf I fall from the twig, falling from the tree halfway

fluttering away, struggling in vain to catch and....

I was this single falling leaf again

all alone on my way

Time to go! Let's part ways!

Most leaves pile up and lie on the lawn as though in peaceful sleep they would say 

I am the elongated leaf that spins busily about the extended axis

and falls for a long way

The wind intensifies and the rain blurs my eyes,

bringing tears to my already wet cheeks. Nay.

Winds bring the buds to life, whereas harsh winter winds this kind are like a sword

cutting me right through

bringing death I might say

A leaf learns as it goes through life

And, life is a battle all the way

The worsening weather conditions act like sentries,

taunting and goading me forcing their way

The unforgiving rain beats the water,

and the water level rising exceedingly to flood near my neck

When day turns into night and I finally ask if I was forgotten

until today

I am a growing new leaf in the spring, making you begin to think about recovery

in a whole new way

Reflecting back, I now realize this growing into life,

Back Into My Life

And, I smile


Kris Chang, Ph.D.


Kris Chang, Ph.D.

All-Star Creative Writer (LION Open Networker)