It was far, far in the future

It was my residence

But now deep, deep underground

Floating through space and time

Sharks swam close by

And yet no one paid them any mind

A marine biologist was doing research

Trusted by World Peace Advocates alike

I enjoyed having him around

Offering food for being polite

Unfortunately, my high school Math teacher

Now a skeleton

Was busy squashing down my pie

Everyone in my Science class was there

Along with other scholars dropping by

We could all breathe underwater just fine

With Google Maps Navigation

We set off down the canyon in the moonlight

How Far We've Come

Didn't realize

We then entered this red cave

Everyone took out their smartphones

Seemingly preoccupied

Experiencing tingling sensations

Passing through our minds

A shining light orb floated in sight

What happened next took me completely by surprise


Suddenly I was at Sea World where orcas sat side by side

I couldn’t remember how but they escorted me inside

Not fighting the current

I was just floating with every possible foresight

Occasionally spotting an octopus neither black nor white

Watching a group of playful dolphins, giving each other a high five

The scene swiftly changing to a rocky beach

Huge waves, mountains high

Everything paused in the nick of time

When an enormous boulder came crashing down from the cliff nearby

All the trapped aquatic mammals died

Piercing cries of agony struck on my ears

Letting out a long howl into the night sky

Time stood still as my body screamed to defy

There seemed to be no importance left behind

My heart bled

Tears on fire

Simply blew my mind

How cruel and beautiful, that clear, cold twilight

The night seemed prolonged

The moon was full and bright

Bringing those tensions into a harmonious yet dynamic sight

The tide came in and there were seabirds singing "Another Day in Paradise"

I felt a large, genuine sense of awe and delight

Walking back where everyone was

Without telling anyone why

Kris Chang, Ph.D.

All-Star Creative Writer (LION Open Networker)