Different people see others in different ways and this is usually aided by whether or not they like the other person. If we like them we are going to see the good in them over the bad, and vice-versa if we do not like them.


You’ve probably heard that before. If you are not, a great opportunity to hear or read. You will either go or you happen to be standing in front of some big decision. Do as you feel you need to do. Do not look at what others will say, do not wait for advice, and whether someone agrees with you.

The most important thing is that you achieve your peace and happiness. We all strive to that end.

You will make your life easier when you are guided by emotion.

Do not let someone manage you. Do not let people behave towards you the way they want it. And do not let yourself feel bad. Nobody is worthy of your peace.

 Things you have to do 

1.Define yourself in ways other than how you look. Make your self-esteem contingent on your inner, not outer qualities. Focus on what you like about your abilities,personality, relationships, and perspective on the world. These almost invariably show improvement over time and are often more changeable than facial or bodily features. Get to know the person looking at you from the mirror. Give her a hand and say – I’m glad. I mean, where will you get to know a better person from yourself because that’s the person with whom you have been from the beginning of life to the end. We ourselves should be best friends. Well, get to know your best friend finally!

2.Don’t freak out when you feel you “look bad.” The anxiety and stress you feel about how you look can take an actual toll on your face, and you’ll be more likely to display the outer signs that truly detract from a pleasant appearance. We know best how we feel in our skin. It is important to accept ourselves, the person we look at in the mirror, and this reflection represents not only us physically, but also what we are. And we are a whole.

3.Smile.Important: that is free for everyone. The positive effect of the smile can be seen even today. A warm smile can help to reduce the feeling of high tension. Its effect could be compared with the effect of the valve on the express pot. When we are tense or frustrated, a smile can alleviate that feeling and help us deal with our frustrations.

 A smile is a reflection of positive thoughts 

When we accept ourselves and become self-aware of ourselves, it will be easier for us to be in relationships with other people. We’ll feel more comfortable. It does not matter what other people say because they sometimes say deliberately something to hurt us. It is important how we feel in our skin. When you feel good in your skin whatever it is, nothing can comment on you, there is your shield of sapphires and rubies and glow with pleasure, peace and balance!