Personal Development and the Law of Attraction

Mano Mannaz

Creator of the Avalon Ascension Oracle/Teacher/Life Path Guide/ Writer/Visionary Artist/Travel Guide

Avalon Grail Quest


 University of York , 

Glastonbury, Somerset,

There is real wisdom in the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” My Inner Child Collages also became a set of Vision Boards for the Adult Me. Each time I made a Collage I was also giving my Inner Child permission to be spontaneous and ‘dream big’ without the usual hold ups and hold backs of practical limitations. I was giving myself a way to express myself in the spirit of “What if…..” rather than “How on earth will that happen?”

The spiritual Law of Attraction is based on the energetic matching our inner dreams and desires with the practical processes of taking action to manifest our outer goals and ambitions. I was beginning to understand that each time I give my Inner Child an opportunity to express herself with a picture, this part of me was also taking the chance to expand creatively. Then, when the Adult Me looked at the Collage my Child had made, I was inspired to dream bigger too. I had a way to explore new ideas about what I might do and then the Adult Me could work out how to make this happen for real!