The Musetude method asserts that every person is capable of genius.

To access our genius, we have to tap into the true essence of our being, our soul.

“Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body.” – Pythagoras

Feats of prowess that surpass our wildest imaginations are available and achievable to us, if only we acquire the necessary will, discipline, control and energy to deal with any situation at its root. The root is that we are energetic beings. When we become aware of this fact, we live our lives in a less superficial manner, and more aware of our true capabilities.

Is every person a genius?

Does this mean that any normal person can be a prodigy? a genius? Absolutely! however first, we have to be true to our self. With sufficient knowledge into the empire of oneself we can unlock our creative genius.

You might ask; if we are saying anyone can be a genius, how can we explain why some people are more talented than others? We recognize geniuses by their timeless knowledge and outstanding achievements,  that surpass normalcy – they are our heros. How, then, can we use this term loosely and call everyone a genius when it seems so evident that some are more capable than others?

“As everything in the universe is one, so consequently everything has equal rights, therefore from this point of view knowledge can be acquired by a suitable and complete study, no matter what the starting point is. Only one must know how to learn” – George Gurdjieff

Let's use as an example of genius, Mozart. He seems like an ideal candidate as his talent was so immense that by the age of five, he was composing musical pieces that had an extremely high level of complexity and flair.

Now, let's look at his situation from another standpoint. What if, at the time Mozart was born, the harpsichord or violin hadn’t been invented? If so, he wouldn't have had any outlet to express his talent and, therefore, no one would have been aware of what he was capable of. Does this make him any more or less capable? What do we base our description of genius on? Would we still consider him a genius even if there is no external proof?

The point is, talent is innate in all of our beings. It is our birthright. We are all hardwired for genius. Whether we have the necessary tools at our disposal to express his genius is secondary. It wouldn't have made Mozart any less a genius if the harpsichord and violin were not invented.

Our energetic being is immensely capable:

You might be a person who is way ahead of your time, waiting for the modality of time to catchup with you. There are many examples in history of people who were ahead of their time, Nikola Tesla was one such person. In retrospect, Tesla became a hero, but he wasn't recognized or applauded in his time because no one could understand his AC based inventions. They taught he was crazy!

“When you're always trying to conform to the norm. You loose your uniqueness which can be the foundation for your greatness” – Dr. Dale Archer (MD)

So what are YOU calibrating as genius? The part of you that is seen, that you project to the world? OR the unseen part, that just knows its genius?

Our job at Musetude is to make the unseen seen. To bring conscious awareness to this bigger part of you, the 'higher mind' or soul. Nothing can ever be wrong with this part of you – it is sheer brilliance! This objective knowledge governs the universe.

“As above, so below and as within so without” – Hermes Trismegistus

How many unique possibilities are we unwittingly closing ourselves off from, because of the belief that talent can only be showcased within the parameters of existing constructs, such as math, science, geometry, art, literature, business? Furthermore, if we encounter someone who doesn't tick these boxes we 'Tesla' them, because we are also striving to fit within these pre-existing constructs, lest we be deemed useless or weird.

Genius is our lot as human beings:

This body frame (temporary matter state) doesn't defines us. To fully understand our capabilities requires us to simultaneously give equal importance to our energetic possibilities. At this present moment, we might consider ourselves untalented, pain-filled, egoistic, fearful, a linear thinker and other such traits, but, our energetic being is actually free, bliss-filled, capable – a genius! Feats of genius are only accessible to us once we integrate our higher energetic possibilities.

Each and everyone of us are geniuses, some recognized by society, some not, some will be recognized in the future and some might go forever unnoticed. The only thing we can do in this temporary short existence is to give our best. . . never doubt your greatness, your unlimited capabilities, no matter what!

What would you consider more important, getting recognition from society or knowing yourself? You are a mystery and if you spend your whole life unraveling this mystery, don't think you've wasted your time. Exploring why you are here on earth at this time?, who are you?, what are you?, is some part of you immortal? and where do you go once you leave this plane? These are all profoundly important questions.

“We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good.” – Carl Sagan

Unlocking creative genius:

You can be creative only if you are a free thinker, an individual – making a switch from imitative behavior, to creative innovation and flexibility requires a profound change in our attitude.

The mass social norm requires we live a life that is samey, it is mechanical. Living within the social norms gains us respect, honor and esteem from our fellow men – the focus is on societal acceptance and approval.

A genius has an inquiring mind. They push the boundaries of creativity, thought and awareness, exploring the unexplored. In sitting with oneself in solitude and awareness we see into ourselves for the first time, and from this new perception begin to question all projections and programming that we mistook for normal. We focus on a higher perspective of living rather than depending on the scrutiny of others.

Through this introspection you discover the essence of who you are. Whatever you do when you are coming from this space, is perfect, because it's YOU! Its unique, it's special – not everyone has to agree or relate to it. Nothing and no one should ever deter a unique outpouring of talent.

In the past, creators of all kinds (the philosophers, painters, dancers, musicians, poets, inventors, etc.) renounced the need to be recognized and respected, so they could follow their own path without limitations. It didn't matter to them whether they got honors conferred on them. They found their joy, thrill and ecstasy in finding answers. Short term glory and fame will never match up to the bliss of exploring the mysteries of timeless knowledge. No feeling can replace the ecstasy of being human, of being a creator.

Music a tool for creative genius:

Most visionaries use music and other arts as the driving force to access genius, beyond the logical mind structures and beliefs. Albert Einstein describes this kind of intuitional creativity, 'musical perception'.

“The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition. My new discovery is the result of musical perception” – Albert Einstein

Objective expression of music can be used to explore different spheres and realms of learning and inspiration – it goes beyond just creating music.

The Musetude method was designed with the sole purpose of igniting one’s genius. We, the inventors, sat for years in meditation questioning ourselves, the universe and the many mysteries of life, which are all too confounding, yet revelatory and simply wow!

Through this search, we used to ‘get-given’ knowledge, designs and visions beyond our times. We wanted to then gift these revelations to the world.

But, we hit a road block! We could talk for hours on end, about the many mysteries philosophically but to truly fathom the attitude of ‘genius’ one had to experience it. So we designed a workshop that engulfed a human being so totally: body, brain and soul, that it moves them beyond themselves.

By sitting in meditation with this intent, we cracked the code of being able to teach music to beginners so that they could witness their genius. We started to see in patterns and realized things that are taught laboriously could be reinvented if a person’s attitude was tweaked to be able to see in patterns, holistically.

That’s how geniuses of the past like Pythagoras designed the Pythagorean theorem, one level is being able to digest the theorem once it is available, the stage above that is being able to pick this theorem out of the grid of knowledge – becoming the designer, the inventor.

And so we decided to use this discipline of learning to help people discover their genius - demonstrating to them the attitude of an explorer.

A Genius is one who searches within, and discovers a wealth of knowledge that cannot be claimed by the limited ego. It is out there, so great, vast and abstract that only through humility, sacredness and discipline can one glimpse it.