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Donald Trump has made a last-minute Brexit intervention - claiming his administration is looking forward to "negotiating a large scale Trade Deal with the UK" - after reportedly being lobbied to do so by Nigel Farage.

The former Ukip leader is said to have asked the American president to support the UK leaving the EU without a deal during a meeting in Washington this month.

And just hours after parliament voted to rule out a no-deal Brexit - and hours before further votes on a potential extension of Article 50 - Mr Trump posted an early morning tweet which will be interpreted by many as meeting Mr Farage's request.

High-profile Brexiteers have long claimed a trade deal with the US would be one of the key benefits to breaking with the EU, but critics have cautioned any agreement would likely take years and result in lowered food and agriculture standards, as well as further privatisation of the NHS.

As it is the old and the poorer members of society who support Brexit and Forage, these are the most likely to suffer severely from the privatisation of the NHS, with no expensive private health insurance and US Scale of Charges for treatment and Massive Presciption Costs, we just look at the US Patients and their suffering and early deaths!