There are four components of Fitness! To achieve the benefits of exercise and physical fitness, it is important to develop 4 parts to your training program to achieve the ultimate results. These 4 components to true physical fitness are

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle endurance
  • Cardio respiratory (cardiovascular) endurance (aerobic fitness)

Flexibility allows the joints to move with less chance of injury. Muscle endurance and muscle strength enables muscles to work harder and longer without fatigue and has the added advantage of increasing the body’s metabolism. Cardiovascular endurance or what we class as aerobic (with oxygen) fitness supports the action of the heart and lungs fitness. Aerobic Conditioning Aerobic conditioning or cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the circulatory system, heart and lungs to supply oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body.Aerobic fitness improves when you train your body to exercise in a capacity that increases your heart rate to an intensity where you a working your body at your ‘Target Heart Rate Range’.  A Target Heart Rate Chart used by fitness professionals provides a guide to training intensity.  Measuring your heart rate or pulse can be done by placing two fingertips either on the carotid pulse site (side of your Neck, just at the side of the larynx) or radial (inside of your wrist, at the base of your thumb). When you find your pulse you count each beat for 10 seconds and multiply this by 6. This will give you your bpm (beats per minute). The result will give you a guide to the intensity of your training. You can monitor your training heart rate before, during and after your exercise session to see how hard you are working but also to monitor how your personal fitness improves.

The fitter you become the faster your heart rate will adapt.It is important to be ‘in tune’ with your body and monitor your fitness training intensity!

Monitoring your training heart rate is one way that you can monitor your fitness training intensity. 

Once you establish how it feels to work at your ‘training heart rate’ zone, you will be able to use what we call ‘Perceived Exertion’.  This is an easy more balanced approach as you monitor how you are feeling while exercising and adapt your intensity level appropriately. You become in tune with your own body. You should always listen to your body and adjust the intensity appropriately to achieve the calorie burning of aerobic conditioning and fitness benefits.It is very important to never work at an intensity where you cannot talk while exercising; otherwise this may lead to injury, exhaustion and put yourself at risk. There is a definite detrimental side effect of over training and being extreme in your approach to your exercise and fitness regime.  This is another reason whyfitness and your exercise should be fun, so you can still talk and laugh with your training partner/s while exercising. It is the perfect gauge to your fitness intensity, which will give you the perfect balance. Physical activity supports desirable lean body tissue and reduces excess body fat. Mix your exercise routine around to keep yourself from becoming bored and to challenge your body. Monitor your intensity and endurance to improve your aerobic fitness. Gradually build your exercise training sessions from 30 to 60 minutes a day to just become part of ‘your style of life’.

The person who practices regular physical fitness activities adapts by becoming better able to perform the exercise and respond to the challenge of the workout session. You become more flexible, stronger, and leaner plus the advantage of endurance and ultimately peak fitness and a post exercise relaxed, calm state. 

Exercise has to be fun and enjoyable so you are motivated to make it a way of life, fine tuned to fit ‘Your Style of Life'.

My passion as a qualified 'Health Practitioner' is to educate, motivate and guide you to achieve your goals in every aspect of you life!  One small healthy change can make a difference.  If you make it fun it will become a part of your healthy lifestyle.  

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing..... and not merely the absence of disease."

Prevention is the Best Medicine

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Have fun, laugh, love and create that healthy balance for ‘Your Style of Life

Yours in Health, Love & Laughter