Multifactorial in cause from bad lifestyle choices, lack of exercise and good nutrition contribute to conditions such as obesity, hypertension, high blood triglycerides, low levels of HDL cholesterol, insulin resistance, stroke and heart disease. Together we label this 'Metabolic Syndrome'. 

A healthy waist measurement is below 94cm for men and below 80cm for women. Metabolic Syndrome indicator is a waist measurement above 102cm for men and above 88cm for women. Having a higher percentage of body fat than what is considered normal is now known to be one of the most serious causes of ill health – DISEASE. Being overweight creates a problem with insulin resistance and high bloodinsulin levels. Not all people with blood sugar (glucose) irregularities are overweight but most overweight people have resistance to the effect of insulin, resulting in disturbances to fat metabolism and this increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, infertility, female reproductive disorders including polycystic ovarian syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer. The long-term effect of elevated fat mass also increases inflammation thereby promoting allergies, muscular aches and pain, whilst reducing energy production. This produces fatigue, lethargy and lowered self-esteem and may further contribute to depression and eating disorders.  Include anti-inflammatory food and spices (including cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, rosemary, ginger, sage, and thyme) into your daily diet adding them to yourEnergy Plus program. Weight gain is a major factor in ‘disease states’ that cannot be ignored with over seven million Australians considered overweight and, of those, over two million people considered obese. It has been proven that by losing excess body fat, combining daily exercise and changing to a healthier lifestyle, you will not only live longer but also look better and have more energy. 

My passion as a qualified 'Health Practitioner' is to educate, motivate and guide you to achieve your goals in every aspect of you life!  One small healthy change can make a difference.  If you make it fun it will become a part of your healthy lifestyle.  

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing..... and not merely the absence of disease."

Prevention is the Best Medicine

My Free ‘Energy Plus Nutrition & Lifestyle Program' for Health, was developed over 30 years of clinical practise. It offers you the tools and choices for Successful Nutrition, to become a necessary benefit to ‘Your Style of Life. Download this from my website.

It is my goal to promote natural health choices and complimentary medicine services by qualified health practitioners, fitness and health professionals in your country. 

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Have fun, laugh, love and create that healthy balance for ‘Your Style of Life

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