Ayurveda has given unique understanding of disease process which differs fundamentally from Western Medicine. Modern medicine believes in microorganisms – Viruses and bacteria. That are the sources of illness. There are many diseases can treat with anti biotic or anti viral therapies for short term, but they do not seem to eliminate the weakness and susceptibility which allow these diseases to reappear. Such evidence indicates that the allopathic view of pathogenesis is incomplete. To locate the origin of disease, we must look beyond purely physical factors.

Ayurveda’s philosophy is soul, mind, senses and body. These all play a major role in the creation of health, happiness and the generation of diseases as well. The mind ultimately determines the strength or weakness of the body and its resistance or susceptibility to factors which produce sickness.

Modern medicine recognizes 2 stages in disease formation.


  • Detection- where clearly symptoms have begun to manifest.
  • Complication – where disease is so advanced and basically irreversible.


Ayurveda believes in 6 stages of disease manifestation.

  • Sanchaya- the stage of ACCUMULATION.
  • Prakopa-the stage of AGGRAVATION
  • Prasara- the stage of MIGRATION
  • Sthana Sanshraya- The stage of DISEASE AUGMENTATION
  • Vyakta- the stage of SYMPTOM MANIFESTATION
  • Bheda-the stage of COMPLICATIONS

Ayurveda uses 2 main modalities in the treatment.

  • Samana- to palliate or manage the disease
  • Shodhana- to eliminate the cause of disease

The perfect treatment is to find the root cause of disease. Then only can cure the disease.

  • Samana means to Supress 
    Reduces or eliminates symptoms.
    Samana therapies make the patient feel better.By suppressing the effects of the body accumulated AMA- toxins. How ever ,samana does not deal directly with root causes of the illness and thus can never effect a complete cure.Similarly, if do not eliminate Ama-toxins, the source of disease, and change the diet and behaviour that created it, the symptoms will continue to manifest.
    As for example When a person feel headache, he takes aspirin to alleviate the pain. He feels better but not treating the root cause of pain. In this case to take aspirin is the SAMANA therapy-without work on root cause will try to suppress or reduce or eliminate the symptoms.
  • Shodhana means To go Away
    The cause of disease will to go away from body and purify it.
    This therapy get rids of Ama and Mala- the form of toxins and restores balance to the doshas. Its consider as samana therapy because it removes the symptoms of disease and their cause as well.
    Panchkarma constitutes the foremost shodhana chikitsa/ purification Therapy in Ayurveda.It reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract in to the tissues of the body.This procedure should be done in Third and fourth stage of disease. Which is initial accumulation of toxins in G I tract and toxins taking shelter in a body.