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Yoga is one of the most extraordinary spiritual sciences that mankind has ever discovered. Going back over five thousand years, it is one of the few spiritual traditions that have maintained an unbroken development throughout history.

Yoga is the fruit of the teachings of the Himalayan Sages, going back to what yogis regard as beginning of this particular world age of civilization some ten thousand years ago. Yoga is a distillation of wisdom from the myriad of Sages throughout the ages, the ongoing legacy of the spiritual urge of humanity, as adapted to the particular requirements of each age and of each person.

Ans.    The meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ is to add, to join, to unite or to attach from the root ‘yuj’
Ans.    Yes, It is. yoga is first and foremost a science of self realization. It teaches us how to move from our outer bodily and ego-bound identity to our immortal self that dwells within the heart. It covers all aspects of health and well-being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through physical postures, ethical disciplines, breath control, sensory methods, affirmations and visualizations, prayer and mantra.
Ans.   The chakras represent the psychic centers of energy in the body. The word chakra means 'wheel'. Through your yoga practices, you will uncover a detailed understanding of the meaning, anatomy and function of the seven major chakras in your body. The five chakras in the body are keys to the five elements and the five senses, and the two in the head represent the command centre and the gateway to cosmic consciousness. By the procedures of purification, you will gain valuable insights into which practices will positively enhance your total well being. When knowledge of the subtler aspects of the chakras is understood and incorporated into your daily practice, consciousness is freed from the downward inertia of the fear-filled, animal nature and allowed to rise to the higher centers of consciousness.
In addition, advanced healing that works through the energy of the subtle body will help open, balance and ground you. These profound practices will increase your vitality while enhancing your powers of concentration
Ans.   Yoga provides the key to all spiritual development, which in the Vedic sense is gaining knowledge of our true nature beyond time, space, death and suffering. The father of yoga “Patanjali” describes the eight limbs of yoga and yogic practices. These are the natural regulation of the nervous system. Discipline: Cleansing: Postures: Concentration: Contemplation: The awakening of awareness and The state of perfect equilibrium. It has both aspects preventive and curative. Yogic practices help to bring natural order and balance to the neuro-hormones and the metabolism and improve the endocrine metabolism.
Thus a human being can get balanced health and make a difference in routine life. . Rediscovering your inner source of physical health, emotional contentment and spiritual peace is simply a matter of finding the proper knowledge and then cultivating your will force.
Ans.   Pregnancy is a normal condition in a woman’s body. We also have a simple posture which will help you during pregnancy and afterwards. There are no special classes specifically for pregnant women as we encourage them to attend regular classes, where they are instructed regarding any safety modifications.
Ans.   The traditional practice of yoga demands dedication, discipline, sacrifice, humility, surrender, love, devotion, and rigorous self-investigation. Yoga is not something you can learn to teach in a weekend, or more popularly, in a mere 200 hours to be a registered yoga instructor! Finding a good teacher tops the list of ways to avoid injury in yoga class. The most experienced teachers are not going to push you beyond your limits. 
It is possible for anyone to practice yoga. Our Yoga practice includes safety features and the mindful adaptation. Yoga itself is not dangerous at all, but it can be taught and learnt in a manner that is more likely to bring about injuries. One of the most important things you learn to do through yoga is to listen to your body and breath and honor their messages.
Ans.   Yes, for most injuries or pain, yoga is very therapeutic. Our classical Yoga offers a gentle, focused and slow program, sore back, necks, knees and other injuries can be greatly improved and indeed, often it gets healed. Remember that often, your body just wants to relax so that it can heal, and this is why learning to breathe deeply, stretch gently, switch off your mind, and practice complete relaxation, are the key to health and wellbeing. 
People at all levels of ability can improve from where they started. Just start with what you know and can do easily. Through the process of the lessons you will discover how you can move and feel better. By becoming aware of what is easier, more connected, stronger and more efficient, you can go beyond your current levels of performance.
Ans.   You must not only feed the body but nourish the soul. Yoga teaches that nutrition is much more than about what we eat, since we nourish ourselves by what we think, say, listen, see, our personal relationships and the world in which we live. Yoga advises us to cook and eat sattwic (pure) food, consciously. 
Would you like to learn how to prepare the healthy and delicious food Please join us in free monthly workshop where you will learn to prepare and eat yogic breakfasts, lunches, dinners and seasonal drinks.
Ans.    Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. According to Ayurveda, the practices of yoga is very important, natural, preventive measure to ensure good health. The link between yoga and Ayurveda is Prana or the life force. Yoga is the intelligence of Prana seeking greater evolutionary transformations while Ayurveda is its healing power, seeking to consolidate the life-system it has already developed. So yoga and Ayurveda together can transform our existing from the physical to the deepest spiritual levels of our being with extraordinary vitality and creativity on all levels.
We can use it as a restorative and/ or preventative therapy that’s for sure.