Hands of different colors reaching toward the Earth

To indigenous beekeepers in Mexico, whose livelihoods have been destroyed, Monsanto’s crimes are personal.

To the farmer in Australia who lost more than $80,000 in certified organic crops, Monsanto’s crimes are personal.

To the mother of a child born in Argentina with a birth defect, Monsanto’s crimes are personal.

To the families of tens of thousands of farmers in India who have committed suicide, Monsanto’s crimes are personal.

On October 15-16, Mexico’s beekeepers, Australia’s farmers, Argentina’s mothers, India’s cotton farmer families and more—30 witnesses in all—will stand before a panel of five international judges who will preside over the International Monsanto Tribunal. They will recount the damage Monsanto has caused to their health, their livelihoods, their lives.

They will speak for millions of people directly affected by Monsanto’s poisons. But they will also speak for all of us, who directly or indirectly, are victims of Monsanto’s reckless attack on our food and environment.

Please show solidarity with the witnesses who will represent all of us who have been harmed by Monsanto, by organizing a World Food Day protest and adding your signature to the 50,000-and-growing number of supporters of this historic citizens’ initiative.