Have you felt let down by your boss or a family member for no apparent reason. Have you ever questioned your own existence and beliefs? And ended up concluding you are not good enough, smart enough or attractive enough?

If yes, it’s human to feel so.

All of us have been through this self-doubting mode at some point of time.

While it’s natural to feel so, if these feelings sustain for a longer period, they can cause significant damage to your self esteem and self confidence. Luckily, meditation has proven to be extremely effective in dealing with these mental issues.

I have been through a similar phase of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Things turned around for me after I started practicing meditation.

It not only changed my life, but it also helped me discover a whole new self.

Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.

― Lao Tzu 

The time I invested in practicing meditation, helped me boost self-confidence and brought a greater level of self-awareness. To top it all it comes with a realization that you’re indeed good enough.

Here are some tips and techniques that helped me and which you can also include in your routine to begin your journey towards building unshakeable confidence through meditation-

1. Practice to establish

First step is to establish a 10 minutes routine every morning to sit down with eyes closed taking deep breath.

Sparing time for things you like to do say meditation, means valuing yourself, which in turn will make you happy inside out. Thus you are setting the stage for building self-confidence by giving time to connect with your true self.

2. Mindful meditation

Once you establish your routine, take it to the next level by practicing mindful meditation technique. Mindful meditation brings awareness about your thoughts and feelings thereby encouraging you to respond to what your body and mind actually wants.

Here is how you can achieve it

Sit down quietly and try to focus on your breathing. Chanting a mantra, or a word continuously while focusing on your breath. It will help to observe your thoughts flow. While you are observing your thoughts like a third person, refrain yourself from judging, interacting or changing the thoughts. Eventually as you listen to your thoughts you’ll start trusting it. Gradually habitual thought patterns will cease, subsiding your insecurity and low self-esteem.

3. Meditative yoga posture

This is the third stage of meditation where you combine mindful meditation with a Yoga posture. It acts as a powerful force and doubles the impact. Yoga and meditation when combined together can make your body work in harmony with your mind and soul. Kubera Mudra, a meditative yoga posture, can help improve your self-confidence.

Sit in this position by touching thumb, index finger and middle finger together while making curve with other two fingers and bringing them to the middle of your palm. Breathe consciously and try to calm down your mind connecting with your inner self.

4. Set yourself free

We have grown to believe in what others think of us. But that’s just outside of us. The clash between the outside and inside leads to confusion, dilemma, sense of inadequacy, despair, questioning self-worth and losing confidence. Through meditation you can set your true self free and untangle yourself from the false perceptions and the reality.

I used the following technique to train my mind by repetitively having positive conversation with myself, “I am good today”, “I can be the best”, “I’ll overcome the hurdles”, “I have the competence to win”, “I’ll set my rules”, etc. Each time pick just one thought and teach your brain to develop positive thinking ability by rooting them deep inside your subconscious mind.

Meditation helps you to stay focused and eliminates redundancy in life. Once you start taking control of your emotions you’ll eventually stop getting affected by outer world. Any negativity that people bring to you through their actions and talks will cease to move your confidence levels. This also means that you’ll be least biased by people, possessions, achievements, failure, etc. And even if undesired things come to your mind, you’ll have the right mindset to handle them without being affected.


Meditation can bring unusual experiences/feelings in the beginning but in just few days you’ll realize how powerful it is. You can easily spare 10 minutes in a quiet place at your home and start practicing meditation. You could also help yourself by making use of guided meditation videos and audios freely available online. Just focus on the process and not the outcome and you’ll be surprised to see the difference after sometime with regular practice.