9th – 16th October

The #1 reason for disability in the world…

Is joint pain hampering your life? Have you been told your pain is permanent?

Fortunately, we’ve discovered many of the reasons why people get inflammation (and arthritis, which isn’t just a condition in our older population).​

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or have been living with joint pain for decades--especially those with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis--join this summit to regain hope that pain is not your destiny!​


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Your host, Dr. Susan Blum, has not only helped many people worldwide heal from joint pain and arthritis, she has also healed her own condition.

She’s here to show that by treating the root causes of inflammation, you may be able to return to a life that’s pain and medication free!


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​The Arthritis Summit will teach you about:

​     * Nutritional advice and the role of the microbiome

​     * Stress and inflammation connection (and what to do about it!)

​     * Infections and toxins that might be triggering symptoms

​     *How to avoid unnecessary medications (and regain hope!)


​     * Supplements and treatments that can truly be helpful

​     * And more!


The Arthritis Summit is online and free from 9th -16th October, 2017