DigiCult - The Lucid Nation 1Hr 04Mins  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG3gcVVHZdE 

01. DigiCult vs U-Recken - The Optimist 02. DigiCult - Microcosmos 03. DigiCult vs DNA - Rite Of Passage 04. DigiCult vs U-Recken - Into The Heartland 05. DigiCult - Matter Of Thought 06. DigiCult vs Tropical Bleyage - Medusah 07. DigiCult - Last Warning (BeatNik Remix) 08. DigiCult vs Hux Flux - The Moksha Medicine (Original Mix) 09. DigiCult - Awaken The Dream (Tropical Bleyage Remix)

DigiCult - Out Of This World [Full Album] ᴴᴰ 59Mins    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8enqVV8K1k  

Subscribe to my UNIVERSE: http://bit.ly/PsyUniverseSubscribe ? ? DigiCult - Out Of This World - Dacru Records ➤ Get it: https://www.beatport.com/release/out-... ➤ Subscribe to Dacru: http://bit.ly/SubscribeDacruRecords The Belgian label Dacru records brings you the second DigiCult studio album. With it, DigiCult (Dj Nemesis and Alpha) deliver, and confirm, their own particular blend of powerful full on drives and oldschool-oriented melodies, with a strong emphasis on the psychedelic. 'Out Of This World' was meant as a concept album, all tracks taking you on a journey throughout our universe. Each tale was minutely sculpted to brighten your day, at home or on the dancefloor, just listen and be convinced... What's more? Two versus tracks with U-recken and Fatali, captivating artwork with HQ finish & mastering by Silicon Sound, this is one you won't forget about quickly. 01. DigiCult – Star Travel 0:00 02. DigiCult Vs. U-Recken – Days In Space 7:12 03. DigiCult – Out Of This World 14:09 04. DigiCult – Red Planet 20:46 05. DigiCult – Cosmic Company 27:22 06. DigiCult – Awaken The Dream 33:46 07. DigiCult – Magic 40:14 08. DigiCult – Icarus One 46:43 09. DigiCult Vs. Fatali – The Return 53:07 Follow my Channels ================= ➤ Progressive Universe: http://bit.ly/ProgUniverseSubscribe ➤ Soundtracked Universe: http://bit.ly/SoundtrackedUniverseSub ➤ The Power of Psychedelic Trance: http://bit.ly/PsyTrancePowerSubscribe

DigiCult - A Message To Shankra Festival 2018 1Hr 055Mins    


Dacru Records is a Belgian psytrance label. The label boosts a strong selection of artists, from major names with a 20 year career under the belt to younger promising talents. The rosters includes names like U-Recken, Talamasca, DigiCult, Spirit Architect, Tropical Bleyage, Bitkit, E-Mov, Electric Universe, Aquila, Overdrive, A-Tech, Transient Disorder and more. The aim is to release timeless music with a strong emphasis on the psychedelic and melodic. Besides being a record label Dacru has also been making a name as event promoter with over 80 events since 2001, that’s a whole of a lot of experience that goes into organizing quality productions. The events have taken place all over Belgium, from The Netherlands to Germany and even in exotic places as Thailand and include big and small indoor events, open air festivals, bus trips, 11 day pop up clubs and more. Some of the party lines include Organic Dreams, Tribal Roots, After Sunrise and Nova’s Incident open air.


DigiCult - Avenida de Bélgica [Full Album] ᴴᴰ 58Mins  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5olmQLOvSw 

Tracklist: 01. Instinct 0:00 02. The Zen Mind 6:10 03. Twisted 13:00 04. Avenida De Bélgica 19:28 05. Leap Of Faith 25:49 06. The Way In 32:46 07. Spiritual 38:56 08. Brainwash 45:32 09. Lightshaper 52:12 

DigiCult DJ Set @ After Sunrise (September 2015) [Free Download] 58Mins  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62MTsra0PkI 

Tracklist: 01. One Function - Back To My Roots (0:00) 02. Sonic Sense & Mind Spin - Cleopatra (6:01) 03. Liquid Soul - Revolution (9:44) 04. Phaxe - Angels Of Destruction (11:49) 05. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (DigiCult Rmx) (14:50) 06. Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Rmx) (21:21) 07. Vini Vici - The Tribe (26:07) 08. Kopel & Ghost Rider - We Are Humans (31:33) 09. Will Atkinson - Darker Shades Of Black (Liquid Soul Rmx) (35:47) 10. DigiCult - Layla (Unreleased) (40:01) 11. Man With No Name - Evolution (DigiCult Rmx) (45:42) 12. U-Recken - Song Of Seraphim (51:12)