ALVIN LEE - The Bluest Blues (HQ Sound, 4K-Ultra-HD, Lyrics) 

Tribute to a great Blues Artist from the 60s 

Alvin Lee (born Graham Anthony Barnes; 19 December 1944 – 6 March 2013) was an English singer and guitarist, best known as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the blues rock band Ten Years After. Lee died on 6 March 2013 in Spain. According to his website, he died from "unforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure". He was 68. He was born in Nottingham and attended the Margaret Glen-Bott School in Wollaton which was a precursor to comprehensive schools with grammar and secondary modern streams. He began playing guitar at the age of 13. In 1960, Lee along with Leo Lyons formed the core of the band Ten Years After. He was influenced by his parents' collection of jazz and blues records, but it was the advent of rock and roll that sparked his interest. Lee's performance at the Woodstock Festival was captured on film in the documentary of the event, and his 'lightning-fast' playing[4] helped catapult him to stardom. Soon the band was playing arenas and stadiums around the globe. The film brought Lee's music to a worldwide audience, although he later lamented that he missed the lost freedom and spiritual dedication with his earlier public. Lee was named "the Fastest guitarist in the West", and considered a precursor to shred-style playing that would develop in the 1980s. Ten Years After had success, releasing ten albums together, but by 1973, Lee was feeling limited by the band's style. Moving to Columbia Records had resulted in a radio hit song, "I'd Love To Change the World", but Lee preferred blues-rock to the pop to which the label steered them. He left the group after their second Columbia LP. The 1980s brought another change in Lee's direction, with two albums that were collaborations with Rare Bird's Steve Gould, and a tour with the former John Mayall and Rolling Stones' guitarist Mick Taylor joining his band. Lee's overall musical output includes more than twenty albums, including 1987's Detroit Diesel, 1989's About Time (Ten Years After album), recorded in Memphis with producer Terry Manning, and the back to back 1990s collections of Zoom and Nineteen Ninety-Four (US title I Hear You Rockin' ). Guest artists on both albums included George Harrison. In Tennessee, recorded with Scotty Moore and D. J. Fontana, was released in 2004. Lee's last album, Still on the Road to Freedom, was released in September 2012. Alvin Lee's "Nineteen Ninety-Four" album (1994) released in the United States as "I Hear You Rockin". Lyrics I couldn't wait to see you Waiting by the door There was no one there to meet me And your clothes were on the floor Sorry if I hurt you And I made you cry I couldn't stand to see you With another guy It's the bluest blues And it cuts me like a knife It's the bluest blues Since you walked out of my life Couldn't really tell you How you hurt my pride Something broke within me Down inside Never knew I loved you Till you went away Now the loneliness surrounds me Every day It's the bluest blues Since you walked out of the door It's the bluest blues 'Cause I won't see you no more Sorry if I failed you And somehow I'm to blame It's the bluest blues I'm feeling.. It's a crying shame I just can't live without you Face another day It's the bluest blues I'm feeling And it's here to stay It's the bluest blues And it cuts me to the bone It's the bluest blues When you can't find your way home