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To reject veganism is to reject the fact that animals matter morally, it's to ignore the fact that animals feel, suffer and want to live.
  • By not living vegan, it's a total violation of animals' inherent rights as sentient beings not to be treated as property and products. Most non vegans do know that animals feel and matter morally because they do try their best (without affecting their pleasure and convenience) to try to ensure that they purchase animal products that are more "humane", such products do not exist. There are no humane animal products because there is no humane exploitation, humane slavery and no humane way to kill a feeling being who doesn't want to die.
    Marketing labels like free range, cage free, grass fed, certified humane etc are created for one reason, to make consumers believe they are shopping ethically and cruelty free. There is no such thing as ethical shopping when it comes at the expense of someone's peace of mind, freedom, and ultimately their lives.
    Animals are innocent, and what do we do to them? We exploit them, rape them, mutilate them, violate them, torture and kill them. Innocent animals, how can we do this to them? And our only justification for doing this to them is pleasure, convenience, and tradition. There is not one valid justification for it. Not one moral justification for it and not one logical justification for it. 
    If you believe that animals matter morally, if you love or even respect animals or life itself, if you claim to be a good person, then the only response to those moral beliefs is veganism. Anything less is a violation of basic rights and it's violence. It's time to side with justice.