Panborough Hill, site of King Alfred's fort and medieval vineyard, Near Wedmore,Somerset and Glastonbury Tor picture early this morning from Cheddar Reservoir. Formerly Padenaberga and sometimes known as Barrows Hill, Panborough Hill lies on a ridge currently carrying the road from Wells to Wedmore. It has a singular profile, especially when seen from the Levels southward, toward Godney.

Alongside the hill is Bleadney Gap, through which the old river Brue flowed. The Levels were blocked westwards of Westhay by sandy ridges, causing the Brue and Meare Pool to drain through Bleadney Gap, falling about 15 feet in the process, and necessitating a change of boat. Thus the island was a stopping place on the river, possibly a minor trading place and the first proper viewing-place of Glastonbury Tor when sailing from the sea toward Avalon. It was once known for its vineyards.

A chapel, thought to be dedicated to St Padan, a local saint, was located somewhere on the hill. Access to the hill is tricky, thanks to a mildly hostile farmer, and care of the hill is poor.