Depeche Mode - The 20 Best Female Covers Of All Time  1Hr 26Mins  

The 20 best haunting female Depeche Mode covers of all time ...according to us! SEEK THE TRUTH: Credits World In My Eyes - Shannon Stephens Where's The Revolution - Lies of Love Walking In My Shoes - Crystal Joilena ft. Velvetic The Things You Said - Angelzoom The Sun And The Rainfall - Marsheaux Somebody - Gail Blanco Sister of Night - Lea Rossetti Shake The Disease - Oppenheim Music Project Policy of Truth - Trio Special People Are People - Massive Inc. Never let Me Down Again - Luno Just Can't Get Enough - Megan Wyler It's No Good - Lea Rossetti In Your Room - Lies of Love I Feel You - Omar Rodríguez-López Heaven - Penelope Austin Halo - Roniit Freelove - Sandra Enjoy The Silence - Lotte Kestner Behind The Wheel - Kristy Thirsk Video Credits World in My Eyes, Freelove and People are People, animation by Steve Cutts - It's No Good - I Feel You - Sister of Night, animation by Behind the Wheel, film by