13 Electro Chill remixes of Depeche Mode classics. 01 It Doesn't Matter Two (Keller Technik Remix) 02 Enjoy The Silence (Keller Technik Remix) 03 Shine (Digital Storm Radio Mix) 04 Halo (Strange Days Worlds Fall Apart Mix) 05 The Things You Said (Strange Days Eclectic Mix) 06 In Your Room (Dark Sad Room Mix) 07 Broken (Black Light Odyssey vs Stripmall Architecture Mix) 08 Ghost (Keller Technik Remix) 09 World Full of Nothing (Instrumental Remix) 10 Heaven (Modern Bells Remix) 11Clean (Keller Technik Remix) 12 Waiting For The Night (Keller Technik Remix) 13 Higher Love (Keller Technik Remix)