The full album of Angels and Giants - 13 remixes of the best Enigma tracks mixed together.. The book of Enoch - 01 Turn Around (Enzo Cartagena Mix Edit) 02 Mea Culpa (Orthodox Mix) 03 Amen (White Motive Remix) 04 Beyond The Invisible (Celestial Mix) 05 Sadeness Part 1 (DJ Chusso Mix) 06 Why (White Motive Remix) 07 Sadeness Part 2 (Bikeruio Remix) 08 Age Of Loneliness (Twins In Mind Unofficial Remix) 09 The Rivers Of Belief (The Returning Silence Mix) 10 The Eyes Of Truth (Matrix Mix) 11 T.N.T For The Brain (Midnight Man Remix) 12 Sadeness Part 1 (Tuba Twooz First Sunrise Mix) 13 Amen Outro (Epic Enzo Cartagena Mix Edit)