Lightning- Long John (Old song by a chain gang) 

Prison Songs - Early In The Mornin' 

I Be So Glad... When The Sun Goes Down 

Oh Freedom! - The Golden Gospel Singers (Lyrics in Description)

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around 

12 Years a Slave - Roll Jordan Roll (song) 

"Rosie" ( African American Work Song) - Production Version 

"How Long?" - Original Song 

Poor Boy - Lomax Prison Recording 

Go Down Old Hannah.Texas Prison Camp 

Robert Johnson- Crossroad 

leadbelly - house of the rising sun 

Libby Holman - The House of The Rising Sun 1940s 

Tom Clarence Ashley & Gwen Foster: House Of The Rising Sun (1933) 

Ragged And Dirty by WILLIAM BROWN (1942) Delta Blues Guitar Legend 

You Was Born To Die - BLIND WILLIE McTELL (1933) Blues Guitar Legend

Devil Got My Woman - SKIP JAMES (1931) Delta Blues Guitar Legend

Cocaine Blues (LUKE JORDAN, August 1927) Ragtime Guitar Legend 

On The Road Again - THE MEMPHIS JUG BAND (1928) Memphis Blues Legend

Memphis Jug Band - He's In The Jailhouse Now (1930) 

Blues in the Bottle - Jim Kweskin and The Jug Band 

Cannons Jug Stompers - Walk Right In (1929) 

'Minglewood Blues' GUS CANNON (1927) Banjo Blues Legend 

Going To Move To Alabama CHARLEY PATTON (1929, Delta Blues)

Charley Patton - Spoonful Blues (Delta Blues 1929) 

Charlie Patton - Shake it and Break it

Rattlesnake Blues - Charlie Patton 

Tommy Johnson - big fat mama blues 

Whiskey Head Woman TOMMY McCLENNAN (1939) Delta Blues Guitar Legend

Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home - GUS CANNON (1927) Banjo Blues Legend

I Got Mine FRANK STOKES (1928) Memphis Blues Guitar Legend 

I'm A Bad Luck Woman - MEMPHIS MINNIE (1936) Memphis Blues Guitar Legend 

Old Rock And Roll 'This Is Your Last Chance' MEMPHIS MINNIE (1941) Memphis Blues Guitar Legend

Memphis Minnie - If You See My Rooster (1936) 

I'm Selling My Pork Chops (but I'm Giving My Gravy Away) 

Maggie Jones - Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage?

Lil Johnson - Let's get drunk and truck

Clara Smith - It's Tight Like That 

Bessie Smith - Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl (1931)

Bessie Smith - I'm Wild About That Thing (1929)

Bessie Smith (Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, 1929) Jazz Legend

Bessie Smith - Yellowdog Blues 

Jailhouse Blues (Bessie Smith, 1923) Jazz Legend

Alexander's Ragtime Band (Bessie Smith, 1927) Jazz Legend 

Bessie Smith & James P. Johnson (Black Water Blues, 1927) Jazz Legend 

James P. Johnson - Honeysuckle Rose (1930) 

Earl McDonald's Jug Band - He's In The Jailhouse Now (1927)

Ipana Troubadours, Billie Jones vocal - Sweet Child (1925) 

Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson - Dope Head Blues (1927

Victoria Spivey - Black Snake Blues 

Georgia White - Was I Drunk 1936 Jazz - Blues 

Alberta Hunter - You Can't Tell The Difference After Dark 

Sippie Thomas (Wallace) - I'm A Mighty Tight Woman

Bo Carter - Please Warm My Weiner

Bo Carter - My Pencil Won't Write No More 

Bo Carter - Banana In Your Fruitbasket 1

Let Me Play With Your Poodle by Hank Penny

I WANT A BOWLEGGED WOMAN by Bull Moose Jackson 1947 

'Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon' BLIND BOY FULLER, Blues Guitar Legend

'I Want Some Of Your Pie' BLIND BOY FULLER & SONNY TERRY (1939) Blues Guitar Legend 

'Get Your Yas Yas Out' BLIND BOY FULLER, Ragtime Blues Guitar Legend 

'Broke Down Engine' BLIND WILLIE McTELL (1933) Blues Guitar Legend

Blind Willie Mctell - Travelin' Blues 

'Bad Depression Blues' JOSH WHITE (1932) Blues Guitar Legend

'Starvation Blues' BIG BILL BROONZY (1934) Blues Guitar Legend

'C C Rider' BIG BILL BROONZY (1934) Blues Guitar Legend

Summertime Blues - BIG BILL BROONZY (1947) Blues Guitar Legend

'I Can't Be Satisfied' BIG BILL BROONZY (1930) Blues Guitar Legend

Mule Skinner Blues - JIMMIE RODGERS (1930) Blues Guitar Legend

 California Desert Blues by Lane Hardin (1935, Blues guitar)

Desert Blues - 1935 Gibson L-00