GHOSTLAND - Interview with the Angel (origional) 


GHOSTLAND - The Kiss (feat. Jane Siberry) 


GHOSTLAND - Faith In Love (feat. Cara Dillon) 


GHOSTLAND - Sacred Touch of Beauty (feat. Cara Dillon) 


GHOSTLAND - Calming the Sea 


GHOSTLAND - Burden (feat. Caroline Dale) 


GHOSTLAND - Interview with the Angel Part II


GHOSTLAND - In Your Light (feat. Lucinda Drayton) 


GHOSTLAND - Angels Eyes (feat. Sinéad O'Connor) 


GHOSTLAND - Interview with the Angel Part III 


GHOSTLAND - Darkening Hour (feat. Caroline Dale) 


GHOSTLAND - Ghostland Revisted 


Ghostland - Guide Me God feat Sinead o'Connor


Ghostland feat Sinead o'Connor - Guide Me God (Afterlife Chillout Mix) 


Sinead O'Connor - Guide Me God (Junior Vasquez Mix)