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Last Night the BBC showed a very good investigation on how the colossal farms in the US & how the Amazon is being eaten up by massive scale farming, yes this is destroying our planet and the programme shows the terrible greed of some of the consumers, particularly in Texas UK, but this is happening around the planet. What the programme only shows in a very small way is how meat can be eaten in a responsable way, maybe as a special Sunday Lunch or Celebration day at home or in a restaurant, because we neen to protect our responsible UK farmers, who are suffering already by cheap imports and people turning away from meat, but these responsible farmers are the custodians of our 'Green & Pleaseant Lands' whether outdoor grass fed animals or our hedgrows, steams, wetlands and wildlife, but enjoy it while you can, as with Brexit the Conservatives and Brexit Party will sign up with Trump and the US Farming Industry will flood our supermarkets with the cheap unhealthy drug fed meats and our UK Farmers will not be able to compete, to make matters worse our biggest export market is Europe at present, but with Brexit there will be huge tarrifs on our exports which are in place to keep out the terrible US Exports in Europe. Our Farming industry will collapse very quickly, the lands snatched up by the US Giants as shown in the following programme and our countryside will become another state of the US. Please see the following BBC programme with the above in mind!