Blade Runner Theme • Vangelis 

The theme from the 1982 Ridley Scott film "Blade Runner" with Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer & Sean Young. Music composed, arranged & performed by Vangelis. 

Rutger Hauer and Blade Runner - "30 years ago I saw the future" 

Rutger Hauer arrives early at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan. There, a restricted number of journalists and students met the deep and glacial gaze of the legendary replicant Roy Batty, the character who went down in the history of cinema with "that" sentence that we have all said, at least once in our lifetime: «...I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...». The 30th anniversary of "Blade Runner", milestone of science fiction cinema and unquestioned masterpiece by Ridley Scott, is one of the reasons why Hauer was in Milan. In our report, the Dutch actor retraces the crucial moments of that extraordinary cinematographic experience.

I saw this film first late one night in a hotel inTaipai Taiwan, before it was released in my country and knew nothing of what I would be watching, it amazed me then and continued to amaze me even now. I could have not have seen it at a better place with it's buildings and culture. This film brought a new demention to all the future filming, although there has never been a film to compare with it, I recomend viewing the director;s cut versions as well, the sound track is a wonder on it's own.