Cumin,angry flavor is most used in India. Did you know that this spice has unique properties that help weight loss? Stomach can be removed in 30 days if you regularly eat cumin. In addition, total body weight can be reduced when it is consumed daily.

A study on the effect of caraway on weight loss, performed by 88 obese women, has shown that spice cumin is very effective in weight loss. It burns calories by accelerating metabolism and digestion.

The caraway seeds are used as a spice for the characteristic taste and aroma of dishes. Today it grows in most warm countries, especially in India, North Africa, China and America. Cuminum spice (Cuminum cyminum) was known to the Egyptians five millennia ago; Seeds were found in the old Kingdon pyramid. The Romans and Greeks used it as medicine and cosmetic to fade.

Use of cumin

Cumin is used mainly where it is desired to prepare highly spicy foods. He is very present in Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. It is the ingredient of most mixtures for curry powder and many other salty spice mixtures, and is used in varices and dishes with lamb and chicken. It gives characteristic taste to ordinary rice, beans and cakes. Small amounts of caraway can be useful in meal with eggplant and beans.

Cumin and yogurt

The cumin powder for gluttony gives visible results after two weeks of use and the mixture is easily prepared. Into 150 ml of yogurt add one teaspoon of caraway, mix well and eat before meals. Some cumin and yoghurt do not have the best taste but with a slender line is worth sacrifice. Replace the mixture of yoghurt and cumin with a mixture of honey. In a cup of water, add one teaspoon of caraway powder and one teaspoon of honey, stir well and drink daily before meals. You can add a cumine to many dishes, for example, in the soup to encourage weight loss. If you are interested in fast weight loss in addition to eating cumin and yoghurt before lunch, start the day with caraway tea. Dip the caraway (two tablespoons) into the cold water and let it stand overnight. Boil in the morning and drink one cup of this tea on empty stomach. Although the mixture of cumin and yogurt is the most popular, there is an even more effective recipe for using spice for weight loss.