While America Burns, Floods and Hit by increasing Tornadoes, plus Ever Colder Winters, his population suffers losing lives, houses and posessions, he enjoys the high life in his Mar-A-Lago Palm Beach Retreat, Florida, rejecting all Science and all around him, pulling out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the United Nations Convention UNFCCC, and causing further damage to our climate with his support for increased carbon emissions with support for the coal, oil and gas industies, the very industries that are at the heart of these severe climate change, One must recall 'Nero Fiddles While Burns' with the collapse of the Roman Empire. Have we got to wait until his Mar-A-Largo isolation from the real world and his comfort zone to be hit by Tropical Storm or his Burning Country before he comes to his senses and sees what is happening to his country, his people and our planet.