One of my main goals here at Total Health Chiropractic is to encourage as many people as possible to find a form of exercise that works for them. Too often, we are inundated by the latest fitness campaigns and insane workouts, but these might not work for everyone. 

The key is to find something that you enjoy in order to truly embrace it as part of your lifestyle. When you love what you’re doing, it’s easy to keep it constant, which is important as consistency is key.

After consistent exercise, you’ll slowly see your hard work pay off when the results begin to show on your body. You’ll feel fitter and healthier, and life will simply be better.

Let’s just remind ourselves why exercise is so beneficial for us.

1.    Exercise expands the Vascular System, opening the capillaries in the muscle tissue. By lowering the resistance of blood flow in the arterial system, exercise prevents hypertension and causes the blood pressure to drop to normal.

2.    Exercise builds up Muscle Mass, and prevents the muscles from being broken down as fuel. Instead, it creates additional fuel out of the amino acids that would otherwise reach toxic levels in the body. This toxicity can cause a drastic destruction and depletion of other vital amino acids.

3.    Exercise stimulates Fat-Burning Enzymes, which help to produce sufficient energy for the increased muscle activity. When you train, you are in effect changing the source of energy for muscle activity. You convert the energy source from sugar that is in circulation, to fat that is stored in the muscle itself.

4.    Exercise increases the Mobility of the Joints in the Body. It opens the joints, creating a vacuum inside the joint cavities. This sucks water into the cavity, bringing dissolved nutrients to the cells inside the cartilage. Increased water content of the cartilage also adds to its lubrication and smoother bone-on-bone gliding movements of the joint.

5.    Exercise will increase Production of Endorphins & Enkephalins; the natural opiates of the body that make you feel good. Yes, this is why people can become addicted to exercise!

Exercise is beneficial for our body. For example, we already know that exercise creates additional fuel out of amino acids that would otherwise reach toxic levels and deplete other essential amino acids.

If we go into further detail, two of these essential amino acids that would otherwise be depleted are tryptophan and tyrosine. The brain uses tryptophan to make serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and indoleamine, all of which are antidepressants and regulate sugar levels and blood pressure.

Tyrosine is used to manufacture adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine – vital for the coordination of body physiology when it has to take a physical action, such as fighting, running, playing sports and so on.

Excess tyrosine loss from the amino acid reserves of the body is also a primary factor in Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, exercise can also ward off Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

We also tend to lose zinc and Vitamin B6 when the body breaks down sedentary muscle. If this progresses unabated, certain mental disorders and neurological complications can occur and cause autoimmune diseases, including lupus and muscular dystrophy.

With all these health benefits, it is only sensible to incorporate simple exercises into our daily lives. Even if you aren’t a fan of jogging, an easy start would be an hour of brisk-walking. Such activities will activate fat-burning enzymes for the next 12 hours. A morning and afternoon walk will keep these enzymes active round the clock and will cause clearance of cholesterol deposits in the arterial system.

If you still need more reasons to start exercising, the following 5 benefits might just convince you:

●     Exercise lowers Blood Sugar in Diabetics, decreasing their need for insulin or tablet medications.

●     Exercise compels the Liver to Manufacture Sugar from Fat that it stores or the fat that is circulating within the blood.

●     Exercise strengthens the Bones of the Body, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

●     Exercise increases the Production of all Vital Hormones, enhancing libido and heightening sexual performance.

●     Exercise will enhance the Activity of the Adrenaline-Operated Sympathetic Nerve System. Adrenaline will also reduce the over-secretion of histamine and as a result, prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions—provided the body is fully hydrated.

So, pull on your joggers and take your trainers out for a few leisurely laps around the park. Your body, spirit and mind will thank you for it.

Tim Errington